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WPO-Disgraceful and Abusive

WPO-Disgraceful and Abusive - Sun Nov 17, 2002, 01:46 AM
Deleted user
In tonight's WPO rd 2 tournament, we once again witnessed abuse as players tried to make it to the final 20 and advance to rd 3. I had a decent sized stack and could have posted and folded into the top 20 very easily. Certain players at my table were softplaying and encouraging others to simply fold to the blinds so our entire table could make it. I refused, simply because if I was a short stack at another table, I would hope and expect everyone to play hard. Maybe that is idealistic and unrealistic, but if it was me shortstacked at the other table, I would have been pissed.

My problem with player "lezgodevils" who was seated to my immediate left began when i raised his BB from the sb enough to put him allin. He hit time apprx 10 times and then spewed forth a derogatory remark. In any event, it was this hand which put me safely into the comfort zone where I could cruise to the final 20, and I knew he wouldn't call me without AA or KK (I hadn't played a hand in an hour), so it was obviously a good play on my part (I had K3 suited). So good laydown of your K9 you clown!

Anyway, we get down to 21 players and I have AQ on the button. Lezgodevils' buddy is in the BB with a very shortstack. I raise to double the BB which is enough to put him allin. Of course the BB can fold and prob still make it. No way I'm giving him a free pass in the BB, even though I can safely post and fold and advance to rd 3.

Lezgodevils berates me and hits time until a player at the other table busts and we are at 20.

I copy here the relevant portions of an email to the powers that be, along with the transcript of the chat. I want this piece of crap barred from pokerschool and pokerpages, and that includes not letting him play under a different screenname and re-qualifying. We don't need people like this.

I'm still at PSO because I like the community. If we want to maintain our community, we need to sweep up the garbage and take out the trash.


I attach for your review abusive chat from tonight's
rd 2 WPO tournament. We were at 21 players at the

If "lezgodevils" is allowed to play in rd3 I will not
play. Not only did he try to convince our table to
collude, he verbally exposed a hand to keep me from
raising (even though it was probably a lie), and
openly abused me when I continued to play poker. If
this is the type of person you want representing your
company (and he is a good player and could win the
entry into the wpo), then cancel my membership. These
people have zero appreciation for the opportunity you
are providing, and do not deserve a chance at the


usscro: welcome to it
karnak2001: thanks
russcro: ryans do all the work
russcro: lol
karnak2001: sounds good
russcro: yuong legs
storke wins $36,000
Starting hand #10655755
karnak2001: are you seeing any birds when your out
mcibet: when we go pheasant hunting russcro?
Aleph_Tama wins $28,000
russcro: not many around
Starting hand #10655819
mcibet: doesnt have to be in season
russcro: thats why where hunting elk
russcro: lol
storke wins $59,698
storke won with an ace high flush
JGCohan finishes in 32nd place
Aleph_Tama: nh
Starting hand #10655865
storke: ty
hard2kill wins $31,000
Starting hand #10655915
lezgodevils: hmmm
lezgodevils: got k9 suited
lezgodevils: tryin to get in finsl 20 u phuckin
raising biatch
apryllshowers wins $22,000
Starting hand #10656027
apryllshowers: i had 24 baby
lezgodevils wins $25,000
lezgodevils won with a pair of tens
apryllshowers: its my favorite hand
Starting hand #10656074
Lonewolf1013: AA is mine
apryllshowers: plus im a rangers fan

foo_man_choo: spades
lezgodevils: kq go for it
Lonewolf1013: 1 in 7 chance
lezgodevils wins $63,500
Starting hand #10656139
lezgodevils: phew didnt really want u to lol
lezgodevils: been beat like that 3 times tonight
foo_man_choo: i saw one of em the flush against ur
trip ouch
lezgodevils: a 4 card flush even worse lol
foo_man_choo: ya with a 8 calling all in lol
lezgodevils: would have 200k lol
foo_man_choo: more than that remember she got like
120k and you had 70k left
Aleph_Tama wins $6,300
yutaka wins $60,900
yutaka won with a pair of kings
Starting hand #10656219
lezgodevils: oh wait your right
lezgodevils: 66
Lonewolf1013: if I had one pair I would call
lezgodevils: 666
lezgodevils wins $38,500
Starting hand #10656279
russcro: good luck dana
mcibet: hellllllllpppppppp
lezgodevils wins $1,675
lezgodevils wins $28,650
lezgodevils won with a pair of eights
mcibet finishes in 24th place
mcibet: fart
Starting hand #10656311
russcro: gg dana
russcro: way to batle
russcro: battle
lezgodevils: hang in there fooman some short stacks
karnak2001: nice try
lezgodevils: tryin lol
foo_man_choo: damn got a playable hand
lezgodevils: lol
karnak2001: nite russ - later
omzi_k wins $30,500
Starting hand #10656355
foo_man_choo: gotta play this one
foo_man_choo: err maybe not
foo_man_choo: kj suited cya
lezgodevils: lol
hard2kill wins $25,500
lezgodevils: g choice
Starting hand #10656392
lezgodevils: only a few left
hard2kill: aj off last hand
foo_man_choo: damn 10j suited lol
lezgodevils: 3 to go
hard2kill: 2 more to go
lezgodevils: 2 sweet
mrswej: 21 left
lezgodevils: hang in there table
lezgodevils: let the others lose one

apryllshowers wins $34,500
Starting hand #10656429
lezgodevils wins $34,500
lezgodevils: jj apryl
Starting hand #10656451
lezgodevils: everyone stay in
lezgodevils: 1 more to go
lezgodevils: awww apryl fooman short stacked
lezgodevils: ill time for you foo since apryl is a
stupid bit9h

apryllshowers: allin other table
apryllshowers: les you are an #!*?#!*
foo_man_choo: thats meessed up april
foo_man_choo: you got 80k before that
apryllshowers: he dont have to call
foo_man_choo: 20th or 1st doesnt matter
Kid_Straight: 20 left gp ahead!
apryllshowers: hes in
apryllshowers: stop crying

apryllshowers wins $34,500
apryllshowers: congrats
lezgodevils: your a kunt
Lonewolf1013: ouch
Mark the Shark: gg Dragon
Starting hand #10656514
lezgodevils: period
lezgodevils: g job foo lucky that bitc9h didnt break

hard2kill: congrats all
mrswej: congrats all
Aleph_Tama: congrats all
Mark the Shark: yay congrats!
lezgodevils: congrats except apryl the dumb hoe
apryllshowers: when i get you banned sont cry

Mark the Shark: shut up devils
lezgodevils wins $122,802
lezgodevils wins $31,750
lezgodevils won with a pair of queens
foo_man_choo wins $46,725
foo_man_choo won with two pair, tens over sevens
Aleph_Tama finishes in 20th place
Starting hand #10656540
lezgodevils: banned lol
apryllshowers: anything else you would like to say
lezgodevils: for wanting a nice guy to get in the
final 20
yutaka wins $29,500
Starting hand #10656556
Sun Nov 17, 2002, 01:59 AM
Deleted user
should definitely be banned, no questions asked. and the friend, it is pure collusion. i think the final 3 tables in the orund 2 events should be monitered, after all, you are playing for 10k. i dont think pokerpages wants that kind of representation. glad you posted apryll.

Sun Nov 17, 2002, 03:16 AM
Deleted user
Before I get too busy to post here I just wanted you all to know that I never take these situations lightly.

I partly take the blame for the time abuse and we are working on a way to limit the amount of time a player can request per tournament. That will happen quite quickly. Taking slightly longer but also being worked on is going hand for hand when we approach critical points in a tournament. (qualifying, money level , final table etc)

However, the abuser from last night has had his account closed without a warning (email to him posted below). That means that although I am not able to stop this person from getting a new email address and opening up a new account, it does mean that that username and qualification is disqualified.

By the way, we are working on a way to actually ban a computer as opposed to a username and this will be possible in the not too distant future.

Tina and I have invested everything in this business , both time and money , and I will never allow this kind of person to destroy the community we have built here. Eventually this will pay dividends for all of us.

Be Lucky

I have closed your account due to the abuse you used last night in the wpo warm up event.

There are plenty of other sites on the net that will be happy to offer you free online poker where you can act that way but PokerPages is not one of them.

Be Lucky

Mark Napolitano
Sun Nov 17, 2002, 03:20 AM
Deleted user
Sun Nov 17, 2002, 03:22 AM
Deleted user
Thank you for posting apryll. I think we have all seen this in some form during the WPO tourneys. It is utter garbage and has no place here or anywhere else for that matter. What an idiot!!!!

Sun Nov 17, 2002, 03:32 AM
Deleted user
I agree no need in them kind of comments! :x Final 3 tables should be monitered for sure !! JON "ENOCHO," ENOCHS
Sun Nov 17, 2002, 07:43 AM
Deleted user
swift justice!
Sun Nov 17, 2002, 08:13 AM
Deleted user
I wonder if maybe you guys should all have a sherrifs badge next to your username and you can police the card room for me :wink:
Sun Nov 17, 2002, 08:24 AM
Deleted user
Oh, no, Mark! We don't need no stinking badges! Just give me a stun gun and a ball bat! I would enjoy that more!

TY for the quick response and reply to this, Mark! Definately no need for that kind of element in our midst.
Sun Nov 17, 2002, 10:44 AM
Deleted user
Originally Posted by MARK
I wonder if maybe you guys should all have a sherrifs badge next to your username and you can police the card room for me :wink:
Now wouldnt that be cool!!!!!!

Yeah, count me in!

Boys, theres a new sheriff in town and his name is.........


Thanks for the swift justice. No need for trial. Acting as judge, jury and executioner is your priviledge. Thanks for making that executive decision.

After reading Apryll's post, wasn't much of a decision to make.

BTW, I do like the thought of the badges. Does this mean I can wear my cowboy hat and spurs along with my fuzzy purple kilt?

Sun Nov 17, 2002, 10:59 AM
Deleted user
I know he is actually a paying customer and all, but I would like to nominate mystre as the next recipiant for the "Mark's Swift Justice Lynching and/or Account Deletion" award. There are many witnesses to the fact that he/she lied and cheated in an attempt to win yesterdays 200/5k added afternoon tourney and I ask, is this the kind of player we need in pokerschool?

Sun Nov 17, 2002, 11:57 AM
Deleted user
"Plus I'm a Rangers Fan"


Peace, Starrs

PS. Thanks Mark, for taking such fast action.
Sun Nov 17, 2002, 12:12 PM
Deleted user

Oops, sorry. Looked like a lynch mob was forming...:wink:
Sun Nov 17, 2002, 12:33 PM
Deleted user
In the business world they teach you to "wow the customer" if you want to be successful. You have "wowed" this customer with your swift and decisive action. I am proud to be a member of such a community. Prompt and efficient customer service lead to success, and your actions indicate you will enjoy much success. Thank you.
I saw some of it - Sun Nov 17, 2002, 12:42 PM
Deleted user
I was in that tournament last night, and had a big enough stack at the end, so I opened up Apryl's table and caught some of that nonsense. Also witnessed the entire sequence after we were down to 20. It was an absolute sham by those colluding fools.

Mark, you should look at banning the other idiot too (foo, I believe). You really need to watch a couple of these WPO events in cognitio when the tables get down to 3 and less Mark. You aren't going to like what you see.....

I applaude your throwing out lezgodevils.
Sun Nov 17, 2002, 01:30 PM
Deleted user

I am really pleased with the swiftness at which this situation was dealt with, A JOB WELL DONE.

Sun Nov 17, 2002, 02:20 PM
Deleted user
Great idea, Bruno, since I'm not involved in the WPO events at all, I volenteer my account for Mark to use to go incogneto, no one except PSO member knwo me, since I don't ever play the free tables.
Sun Nov 17, 2002, 02:36 PM
Deleted user
Glad to see this.

BTW, different circumstances, but same type of language (actually much much worse and all over a bad beat), and I reported it, and the offending member had their account closed the next day.

I reported mine through the abuse option on one of the screens here.

Nice work Mark, keeping our community free of these jerks.

Sun Nov 17, 2002, 02:50 PM
Deleted user
I'm glad to see you took some action Mark.

THANK YOU you have renewed my confidence in maintaining a high quality Poker School and web site.

Sun Nov 17, 2002, 06:31 PM
Deleted user
Just wanted to say that happily, nobody tried anything like this in this afternoon's qualifier, no excessive time buttoning, no bad language, just a lot of good agressive play by big stacks and survival poker by the rest of us

(I'm also happy to say I somehow snuck my way into 20th, thereby assuring that I will waste my new years day in front of a computer )

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