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PSO league late stages

PSO league late stages - Sat Nov 17, 2012, 07:03 PM
unnamedone12's Avatar
Since: Oct 2012
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Hello. I hope this is the right place to post this.
Here it goes :

My questions are :
1. Should I have bet first ? How much ?
2. Should I have called ?

Thank you.
Sat Nov 17, 2012, 07:17 PM
Ovalman's Avatar
Since: Feb 2011
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I'd have shoved pre but as I was prepared to shove pre I'm also shoving that flop. It's pretty dry and I want to represent a monster.

As it happened the villian bet into us so a fold is fine, we have 6 outs and are 3/1 to hit. His line took advantage of our weakness so I think it was a mistake pre and post flop.
Sat Nov 17, 2012, 07:54 PM
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Since: Jun 2010
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Hi unnamedone12!

Welcome to the forum. Here's a link that will help to get you familiar with everything that PSO has to offer.

With this being a league game, the one goal that I have is to last as long as possible to obtain the most points that I can, for the monthly leaderboards. To do this, I want to play my good hands aggressively and to play tighter than normal (fold all my marginal hands, especially out of position).

With AK from UTG, I'm going to make a standard opening raise, which for me at this blind level is to 2.5BB+1BB for each limper. I start at 3BB, then at 100/200 blinds, I lower it to 2.5BB, then at 1k/2k, I lower it to 2.2BB (always adding 1BB for each limper). Due to this, I will raise to 1250.

The flop is a total miss for me and since I'm out of position in a 3-way pot, when the first opp checks to me, I'm going to check behind and hope to see a free turn card. When the opp shoves, I will muck my hand, so that I can last longer and get extra league points.
If I did want to make a c-bet at this board, I would use my standard c-bet amount of 1/2 pot. However, due to raising so much preflop, this would be well over 1/2 my stack, so I'd be pot-committed and would need to shove if I bet. With this being a league game, I'm always going to err on the side of caution in these situations, so that I can obtain more league points.

Even if I only get a fraction of a league point by lasting longer... these do add up at the end of the month and can make a huge difference if I'm near a pay level jump at the end of the month. Trust me on this one, as one of the months before black friday (I'm in the US), I missed out on a $20 payout jump by less than a single league point. I learned it the hard way.

Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.

John (JWK24)


6 Time Bracelet Winner

Sat Nov 17, 2012, 09:18 PM
EdinFreeMan's Avatar
Since: Feb 2010
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I would just shove preflop here.

Once we hit the 500 chip BB I am probably not worrying about losing too many points in the league - I feel safe for a small points loss/gain if I bust now. So my goal is to get a really deep run, hopefully to the FT or as close as I can and for that I will gamble at this point with a really strong hand - shoving might get folds all round - or if we get calls we have a good shot at doubling up. Being UTG I just want to show strength with an all-in - and no tricky decisions post flop.

Though first I would always check the lobby - if we are down to 900-1100 or so players or less I just shove - I can't tell from your post here but given we are at level 11 after about 90 mins I assume we are in that area.

I think the few times we get through here with folds or a showdown win, we get a bigger increase in points than we ever lose.

And I don't want to raise a third of my stack then fold. I might get a few more points than if I shove and lose - but marginally.


4 Time Bracelet Winner

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Sat Nov 17, 2012, 11:37 PM
joy7108's Avatar
Since: Jul 2010
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With this stack size, I'm either shoving or folding here. I find the league games are much easier to play if you limit your range and either mazimize fold equity and shove, or fold.

You had 6K and raised 2K pre, are you really folding to a re-raise? A shove looks really strong here, and picking up the blinds and antes is critical at this stage.

PS. It's been a while since I played these, so YMMV.

Sun Nov 18, 2012, 08:52 AM
unnamedone12's Avatar
Since: Oct 2012
Posts: 14
Thank you all for the feedback.
We were down to the last 800 or something like that.
I thought about the 1/3 stack bet but by the time he shoved I was thinking he had the set and that I could wait for a more favorable spot to shove.

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