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We were just beginning....

We were just beginning.... - Wed Nov 28, 2012, 02:15 PM
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Hi guys,

I've played 10 games 1,50$ 90 man mtt/sng and i was going to analyse some hands today,i will post more hands later on =P


We've just played 2 hands and this is hand number 3.
I dont have any reads,so in this case i was going to play ABC-poker.
Wang started the action with just a limp,zaur raise to 60,kyby and Riq alex flat-calls.I have AKo in the Big and i was going to 3bet to induce the player field.I will usually 3bet to 150,but with 4 players,i was going to make it 150 and for every player who called the limp i will add 60 chips more and also the guy who limped and not have called yet,so the raise is 150+(4x60)=390 (i misclicked in that hand but nvm).
Wang,riq and zaur folds,kyby shoves and action was back on me.

I dont think kyby had AA and KK,because most players will 3bet these hands early in the tournament(unless he was slowplaying pre).He might has 77-QQ and hands like KQ+,ATs+,KTs+.So i dominate a lot hands of him,i was just behind if he has a pair.
In this case ,im 61.3% favorite and against his range.I only have to call 1060 in a pot of 1960,so the pot equity was 54% and i have a EV+ of 7.3%.

I would like to know if other people will play this hands different than I and i also want some advice =P

MolaSalo !!!
Wed Nov 28, 2012, 11:05 PM
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Hey MolaSalo

Interesting spot

Our 3 bet sizing here is too big, the general 'rule' for a 3 bet is to raise it 3 x the size of the raisers total bet but because here we have two players that have called a 3x raise we do need to raise more than usual but 380 is too much.

When we have a raise and a call in front of us this is the rule that myself and many others use..

If say we have a raise to 3x (60) and it's folded to us we would like to raise 3x the amount of that bet which would be '180'.

If say we have a raise to 3x (60) and we have one player that's called the raise then we would ought to be raising to 4x the size of the original raise (240).

If we have 2 players that have called the raise then we want to be 3 betting to 5x the size of the original raise (300).

3 players then we would make it 6x the size of the original raise and so on.

Our 3bet sizing doesn't have to be exactly 3x but somewhere around that ball mark is good ' usually on the smaller side, say 2.5x '.

As played I like to call kybydsz's shove. We can't give him credit for AA or KK here, it's very likely he has a small/medium pair or a hand like A10s which we dominate so this is a snap call for me especially as it is a $1.50 90 man where the standard of players is not very good.

Hope this helped, Cheers, Chris.

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