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New Play Money 45's Set

New Play Money 45's Set - Sat Jan 05, 2013, 03:54 AM
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Cairn asked me awhile back if I was gonna get back to these and I told him at some point yeah,so...well here we are.

A few things before we start...

...I hate what you've done to the play money SNG's Stars. HATE,HATE,HATE it.Bad enough my dumbazz government makes me play on play money but why do you have to screw even that up with all these hyper-turbo games? FAIL.

...Since to avoid the aforementioned "Donkey Poker Crack Shovefests",aka the Hyper-Turbos,I've actually had to MOVE DOWN slightly,I expect to see much the same play in the 2k 45 man's as I did in the 2110's and that has been the case so far.

...Still say that makes them viable as practice for me and some others here and a training tool for newbies as these play to roughly 85% the competency level of the .25 45 mans IMO.

...Other move I hate is changing player ID's in the Replayer to all players being generic villain 1,villain 2,etc;.

They've changed the names to protect the innocent? NONE of these luckbox,donkey bastids IS innocent.

Switching up the structures and taking away the ridicule factor---you guys make it hard on a guy.

As always I'm shooting for a goal of a 100% ROI or better at the end of the 100 game set,then fire up another. STILL can only do 3 tables at once,which is a drag.

Due to the Holidays and whatnot there will be some gaps in the tourney ID's early,due to my sanity there may also be gaps late,we'll see but that's a decent bet.

As usual I'll endeavor to be somewhat thorough,entertaining and especially annoying with my synopsis.

So we're off...(our medication mostly...)CAN'T believe I'm doing this again.

Game #1: 655854739---9th---K8s<A50o---2BB shove from CO,totally CD and short when FT opened.

Game #2: 655855517---11th---AJo<KK<1010---Down to 7BB I shove from UTG 5-handed,pos.2 wakes up with the Cowboys,ships to ISO,BB calls with 1010 and flops a 10 to rail us both.

Game #3: 655856213---4th---87s<QJo---5BB ship from button,was hoping for a call and a good flop,got the call anyway.

Game #4: 656332380---4th---44<AJo---Shipped last 8BB from UTG,SB had AJ and flops a J. I NEVER catch when my AJ is 2 live overs it seems. Looking at my winrate with AJo reinforces this impression.

Game #5: 656333418---5th---A7s<99---Was totally crippled when I shoved this,nothing to say there. Two hands from this one to see...

First we have Episode #1,867,432 of our favorite show---"Limpers are Losers"---starring myself and our usual bevy of faceless nimrods. I probably could have played this "trappier" but figured even a call lays my hand kind of naked to any later action by me so may as well try and get what I can now.

Now as you can see that hand made me chip leader,not dominant but still. So how did I get short and go out 5th? Easy...

My thought process here...pre-flop standard steal attempt. When villain repops me I know I'm behind but getting 5-1 with a hand that I can stack them on IF it flops big I decide to call.

When the combo draw hits the flop I'm thinking he has an Ace all day long here OR he doesn't and I can fold him out. IF he comes back I know and we're just playing for stacks NOW as I'm not folding this draw and may as well get HIS money in the middle as well before a turn card for me could maybe shut him down.

Totally a playing to win and naught else play here,BUT I'm not sure I was right. Any thoughts would be great.

Game #6: 656354048---8th---AJo<AQo---Ship last 4BB from HJ,BB has AQo and a big stack. Blanks through.

Game #7: 657328538---9th---KJs<Q10o---6BB ship from HJ,all fold except UTG open limper who calls with their Q10o for 60% of their stack. Natch such a stellar play is rewarded when Q104 flops. Can I get a 9 or A on the last 2 streets? Are you high?

Game #8: 657329184---15th---AQo<KK---Standard cooler when I ship last 10BB to open from HJ and Button wakes up with KK. Bob Dylan will win American Idol before I ever get an A in this spot.

Game #9: 657329870---5th---109s<Q5o---Shipped last 5BB from 2nd pos. here,BB called with the Q5. Nothing came.

Game #10: 664457675---35th---AA<KJo---As if I'm ever going out this early and it's not some AA or KK or 2 outer on the river beat. Here's the hand...

Overbet pre to try and thin the herd,sorta worked,about as good as you can hope for I guess. Let's face it,being these or most any real $ 45 man for a $1 or less over betting a big hand pre to try and thin a herd is akin to hoping you can chase off Tarzan,Cheetah and the Banana Splits by throwing MORE bananas at them.


Flop could maybe be a shove I guess,was raising intending to shove the turn of course,if anyone called. OESD though this guy was NEVER going away so probably immaterial.

Turn is standard. AA and I have not seen eye to eye for a week or so.

Game #11: 664458646---2nd---99<A10o---Was trailing by almost 3-1 when HU started,this went raise,re-raise,ship,call. He flopped an Ace. I can get a stone cold flip HU trailing 3-1 I'll take that all day. Is this wrong?

Couple hands from this one...

Just like the early levels of the .25 real money 45's raises are NEVER respected for the most part. This was the opening table for me,hadn't moved,BOTH players here had been there for the duration and they give ZERO credit. THAT'S why I say play AA and KK HARD and FAST in these and try to play for stacks every time. Yeah you will get beat every now and then (been seeing more than my fair share lately...) but you cannot be deterred. You WILL get paid off with worse so often that you have to learn to accept the hits as the cost of doing business.

When you see the 87o and me in the BB you know what's coming,right kids? You guessed it---"Limpers are Losers",Episode so many I've lost count.

In the spirit of the recently passed Holiday season we'll let Tiny Tim give his view on limper/caller tards and how WE should feel about them being around.



You said it,Tim Tim...

Game #12: 664459617---2nd---J10o<Q10o---Hand to be shown below...

First some others from this one.

This hand is just for me,need to record an example of AQ winning for posterity just to remind myself that it CAN happen and almost as often as a real Bigfoot sighting.

Next we're 3 handed...

When they both just flat call the my raise after the flop my brain is screaming "They're BOTH on draws!!!" Had seen plenty of hands with the two of them and was 1001% sure that either has a 10 or 9 and they would have shipped over the top. So when the blanked 4 turns I shove to make them call -EV.

Can I fade the river card as a reward for being 1001% correct on my read and play?

You're kidding,right?

After villain 9 sucks out that hand to cripple me this happens a few hands later...

God bless his pointy little head...

Then I fight and claw back from being dominated to draw even and we get to our (my) bust hand...

Yet again I read him perfect,knew this was his bluff betting pattern (semi-bluff in this case admittedly) and he sucks out on me. When the cards won't let you win,the cards won't let you win. Just have to deal with that reality and continue to make the best decisions possible.

Well that's all for now. I'm actually through 37 games as I enter this and will probably knock some more out before the next enrty,but am tired and not willing to post the valley of despair that entails games 13 through 25 tonight so toodles for now.

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Sat Jan 05, 2013, 12:32 PM
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Always educational.

And always, always, SUPER entertaining.

Happy crack-busting.
Sat Jan 05, 2013, 12:35 PM
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Originally Posted by annie_22at90 View Post
Always educational.

And always, always, SUPER entertaining.

Happy crack-busting.
I'll second that in a heartbeat! Entertainment value is off the charts.

John (JWK24)


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Sat Jan 05, 2013, 07:01 PM
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best read of the day , gonna put you in for the PULITZER!!!!

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Sat Jan 05, 2013, 07:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Moxie Pip View Post
...Other move I hate is changing player ID's in the Replayer to all players being generic villain 1,villain 2,etc;.
LOL - He's back ... donkeys beware

Hey Moxie, there's a box you can uncheck (before pressing 'read hand history' or whatever the command is called) to keep the players names from switching out to 'villain' ... I'd give you more details, but I know you'll be able to find it based on what crappy little info I just gave you ... and I'm lazy

GL with the grind - you ought be in fantastic shape for that new casino that's getting built buy you guys
Sat Jan 05, 2013, 10:11 PM
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Well it's easy gang,when you have such great "straight-men" to work with...

Game #13: 664470965---15th---AJo<Q9o---CD game,shipped last 8BB from the CO hoping to be called with worse,big stack in the SB obliged but then binked a Q on the turn.

Game #14: 665518589---18th---AQo<Q10s<33---Just the kind of crazy stupid plays that you need to get used to losing to in these,otherwise you'll go nuts. As I said that goes for the micro $ 45's and 90's as well. I'm in the CO,have 2 limps in front,sitting on 16BB and I 4x it up. Get called by the BB and the original UTG limper,2nd limper in MP1 folds. Flop comes Q82 rainbow. BB checks,UTG bets half the pot and I ship over the top,BB calls (amazeballs...) and so does UTG. Turn is a 10, and then the BB sucks out even worse with a river 3. Had 3 tables up when this happened,thought I saved it,but I hit the wrong hand from the tourney by mistake. Not that I really ever want to see it again anyway.

Game #15: 665519430---19th---QQ<KK---11BB ship from the CO over a min-raise from MP1,SB wakes up with KK. Standard cooler.MP1 DID fold BTW.

Game #16: 665520257---19th---10101<AKo---12BB ship over open limper (UTG+1),he calls and flops an A. Open limps AKo...

Game #17: 665536471---17th---K8o<64s---Take a gander...

Flop hits and I figure I'm likely to be ahead here and we're on our way to "Limpers are Loser" episode google +1. When I lead out for the weak min-bet the plan was to entice a raise which I would shove over top on,someone has a 5 or A8 and there's really nothing we can do. All folds and the SB flats. 4h on the turn puts a second heart on the board and coordinates a straight board even further so I decide no more cutesy-cutesy and get it in right there. Pokerstove says I was 86-14% here,that and a dollar will get you a bag of chips.

Game #18: 665538223---14th---JJ<AA---The valley of despair continues. Was in the CO with 11BB left,limps from UTG,UTG+1 and MP2. I ship,the Button ships over me to isolate and the way I was running I knew before the cards turned over.

Game #19: 665542840---25th---AJo<QJo---Here's the hand...

Really simple here,to call the SB a spewtard would be a gross injustice to spewtards everywhere. He had gone from big stackto less than 10BB to big stack and back again. Now he was up again (after a K3o ship over QQ saw him bink trip 3's...) and I knew that if there was no aggressive action in front of him that I was shipping over his inevitable raise here. Got exactly the result I wanted,me and him HU for stacks and I have him crushed,did NOT get the outcome to the result that I needed.

By the by I know that in poker terminology we call the end the result,but for me I process the final scenario as the "result",i.e. in this case I'm all-in with a weak opponent I have crushed,which was my plan so that's a WIN result. The "outcome" on how I process it is the finality of the hand,he binked his Q and took it down,so on the "outcome" I lose.

So long as my "results" are always ahead of my "outcomes" I know I'm playing pretty good poker and making more good decisions than bad. Just how I work my reviews of my play,simples things up for me as I actually do a chart with a result and outcome column each.

Yes,I'm somewhat ****...

Game #20: 666856447---13th---88<K7o---Ship 10BB from HJ,SB calls off 40% of their stack with K7o,flops a 7,turns a 7.Must have been late for Lime Jello Night at the puzzle factory.

Game #21: 666857262---11th---KQo<Q10o---Ship 9BB from the button into an unopened pot,BB calls with Q10o for 2/3's of his stack. Must be a Varkonyi wanna-be or something. And much like his idol he runs like God and flops a 10.

Game #22: 666857943---4th---QJs<AA---Ship last 5BB from 1st position here,was totally card dead the whole FT,managed some steals and 1 double when I was down to 4BB with 99<KJo,but mainly this was a "ladder-fold" FT.

Game #23: 666870347---27th---J8s<QQ---Was crippled a couple hands earlier when my JJ lost to 55. Was a 3x raise from the HJ to my BB,and I 4x 3 bet him and he shipped over top. Player had been playing to a 75% VPIP and 40% PFR would be my guess so I snap called. He flopped a 5...

Game #24: 666921814---10th---AQo<1010---Totally card dead game,the one spot I wanted back at the end was me in the CO with 77 and 2 3x raises in front from 2 pretty loose players. Either one alone and I snap ship my last 11BB in that spot,with 2 of them I decided to pass. I know it's results oriented thinking to even go there but when the hand showed down my 77 would have been good. AQo<1010 hand was just a blank for me on a 5BB ship.

Game #25: 666922512---12th---85s<K8o---Was in the BB,had 3 limpers,flop comes 1054,with the 10 and 4 being hearts,my suit. I ship off the SB's opening check and get looked up by the CO with total air. Natch he turns his K and not the 8.

Game #26: 666923200---2nd--- 66<75o---And we climb out of the Valley of Despair. Sort of. KO hand HU is me 'ing pre,get called. Flop comes 742 rainbow and I'm toast. Nothing you can do there.Never folding to one low over in that spot when my raise is shipped back in my face.

Want to show a hand from this one from when there were 11 players left.

5 players on my table,overall I'm 6th with 11 left. I decide to play Hawaii (QJo---saw a pro call QJ,suited or no,"Hawaii" once---since,his reasoning went,you could afford to vacation in Hawaii every year from the money you would save FOLDING this hand...) from the SB for a completion bet since I'm getting 10 to 1. Plan is fit or fold really.

As we hit the flop the problems begin...

I flop top 2 pair,but with an 8 also in the mix AND 2 clubs to boot this is an obviously draw heavy board,and with the whole table in the hand someone may already be there,109 being a definite hand that could be in anyone's range the way this went pre-flop.

I like my 2/3's the pot (slightly more actually) bet here,really would have to be ships from villains 1 and 5 to come along,which I'm calling and if the 2 big stacks play then I have to be careful on the turn.

Kh turns and this is where I'm hating myself whenever I look at this hand afterwards. I bet 1600 into a 4 way pot of 4325.

What in the Blue Hell am I thinking with that bet. 1600 isn't chasing off any flush draws,if someone HAS A10 here I'm just bloating the pot for a river bloodbath,if they have 109 and have been playing cute (too cute by half to me,but you never know...lots of peeps at this level only see the cards in front of them and if they flopped the straight with 109 are too bad to realize their danger here...),...if they DO have 109 I'm just digging my grave deeper.

I really think this little wussy bet was the drop dead worst thing I could have done here,a check would have been better,even a ship really to max pressure flush draws. If some does have it already then that's how it goes.

River it's no worries time and I'm just trying to get paid off.

And in the end villain 3,who folds here told me that he did indeed have 109 and was kicking himself for not raising the flop or turn,trying to trap instead.

Bad play by me on the turn I think,just lucky that villain 3 played it worse on both the flop and turn. DID make a fold that 95% of the players in these and the mini-micro SNG's could never make.

Game #27: 667385362---15th---1010<66---I ship my last 9BB from the CO and the BB calls.Watch with a mixture of bemusement and disgust as he hits runner runner diamonds for a 4 on the felt flush.

Game #28: 667386350---21st---AKo<66<99---Open shoved 10BB from MP1,CO makes a sketchy call for half his stack with 66 (OK,scratch sketchy,go with brain dead...) and the SB calls of all but 300+ chips with 99. Two live overs but no joy.

Game #29: 668380282---15th---88<KK---Shipped 9BB from MP2,Button had the Cowboys. NH sir.

One hand I want to show from this one came early. I went card dead after until the 88 hand came around. Anyway here's the hand...

Now this hand goes to something I've opined on before...

In the .25 45 man's I used to be able to play and hope to again (US Government azzhats willing...) whenever I was in either blind with AA or KK and saw "action" like this in front of me I was shipping my stack EVERY TIME.

With 5 or 6 players coming along on the Limp Train,if I shove at least one of these mouthbreathers is going to look me up with Ax. I WANT that because the times I carry the day are going to crush the times I don't. IF 2 or 3 come along my odds to hold get shaved yes,but the ones I win if you give me a stack like that early in a 45 man I'm as close as a lead pipe cinch to get ITM as you can get and it's usually going to be for a top 3 and even a bink as that kind of stack early allows me to open up,be extremely judicious in choosing spots,really anything I want.

Game #30: 668381274---6th---AQo<JJ---8BB ship from UTG+1,JJ in SB calls and fades.

Game #31: 668382854---10th---Q10s<A7o---7bb ship from SB into open pot,BB calls off 40% of his stack with the A7,only card to board is a 7.

Game #32: 668450778---23rd---88<KQs---4BB ship from UTG,HJ ships his last 6BB,flops a Q.

Got short here...

Villain 3 actually had the temerity to run his clock down and whine about what an idiot villain 8 was (true...) and how he had been effed so cruelly. Calls my 500 bet pre with 33 and he got effed...

Live setting and he's next to me I would STILL be trying to make bail...

Game #33: 668451661---6th---109s<KQo---Hit the FT with only 4BB,when folded to my turn in the HJ and 7 left and I'm still only 4BB left 109s looked good enough. Wasn't...

Game #34: 668452450---2nd---KJs<A4o---I shipped over his 3x bet,was trailing badly from the jump HU here. Haven't been able to go to a HU in this set without being chip dominated yet,cards and spots not finding me when we get 3 and 4 handed and when they do I'm getting sucked out on brutally.

Variance sux.

Game #35: 668524260---12th---A9s<Q10o--Shoved 9BB from the HJ,BB wouldn't fold 5c and the rules card if his life depended on it so naturally he snapped with Q10. And of course he hit a 10 on the turn. Meh.

Game #36: 668525183---10th---KQs<AQo---This one is 1 million percent on me as I broke Rule Number 1 of micro and/or play money play---no matter how brain dead a donkey has shown to be if they tell you they have it...THEY HAVE IT. Give them credit.

I was 3rd in chips,was folded to my SB,I went for standard steal and was called by table chip leader,2nd overall. Flop came QJK rainbow,I led out for 1/2 the pot got called again. Turn's a 10 and I bet 1/2 the pot again and he shipped. I could have folded,still been 5th or 6th in chips with 10 left and lived to fight another day but instead I snapped and was done.

Game #37: 668527563---5th---K9s<105o---Had 2 limps to my BB,flop came K105,I led out for 1/2 the pot,UTG shipped and I was getting a decent price,called,he turns over 105.

Gonna play a few later,in club games right now (well not for long,AA,KK and AK are the Kiss for me in those too this week...) and will do an update with totals so far later.

IF I haven't passed out by then...

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Sat Jan 05, 2013, 10:17 PM
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KK ain't the kiss of death for you in the homegame... you even beat my red 5's with it, and those basically never lose for me and you know that.

John (JWK24)


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Sat Jan 05, 2013, 10:39 PM
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Originally Posted by JWK24 View Post
KK ain't the kiss of death for you in the homegame... you even beat my red 5's with it, and those basically never lose for me and you know that.

John (JWK24)

Yeah but that only held because Fatima Ivegotdanutz was putting a hex on our table so that when she got moved I could donate my stack to her.

That crystal ball skeers me...
Games 38-66,with update to follow... - Mon Jan 28, 2013, 09:13 PM
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I know with all the Promo thread going on here in the Challenge section that this is going to be mostly ignored,but that's cool,I'm soldiering on anyhoo.

Yea as I ride into the valley of 10,000 donkeys I shall fear no bad beats,for I am the biggest donk of all.

Game #38: 669464332---7th---A9s<KJo. Shown below...

Two weak ass limps to my BB after the bubble bursts and I'm looking for a chance to jam it in their faces,A9s is easily good enough. SB calls off 2/3's of their stack with KJo. Ever see the video of Tony G ragging some Russian who calls his Ax ship with KJo? Well I wanted to tell this fool to get on his bicycle too.

Game #39: 669465678---8th---94o<A7s---Blinds are 300/600 with 50 antes at this point,I'm in BB and it folds to SB. I have 631 chips left behind with the 650 I have in the middle,it folds to the SB with over a 9k chip stack and HE LIMPS. I spike a 9 on the flop,ship over his check,he calls and binks and Ace on the turn,I wanted to hurl.

I hate,hate,hate being the bubble boy (don't get me wrong though,we're down to the bubble and I have a big +EV spot and playing for stacks is required my chips WILL be in the middle...). This one pissed me off because I thought I played really well to just get this far (totally card dead game and very few exploitable spots opened where I could steal...) and would have been in much better shape at the bubble had this not happened very early on the FT.

Andy (ahar010) said in one of his training videos once that sometimes the cards will not let you win (oft times is even more accurate IMO).

Truer words...

Game #40: 669466585---13th---KQs<66---5BB shove from the SB to open,BB has a pretty good sized stack,66 call is standard. Board blanks me.

Game #41: 679025227---14th---AKs<Q7s---Ship last 8BB from the button over 2 limpers,all fold until limper #2 comes along for half their stack with Q7s. Natch a 7 flops and naught else. Card dead game,was nitty as can be and this schmuck thinks Q7s is good.

Game #42: 679025862---21st---QQ<AA---I 2.2 x to lead out from MP1,table nutbar shoves all-in,folds back to me,he's already shown hands like A3s,22,QJo and K9s on his ships. Of course he had the Rockets THIS time,cause I run so good and all.

Game #43: 679026571---4th---98s<K7o---Shipped last 2BB from the SB here,BB was big stack. No help for me. Was a totally card dead and good spot deficient FT for me,but was 7th of 9 when it opened and at least ladder-folded to 4th so not too terrible.

Game #44: 679439921---3rd---AQ0o<KJo---SB shoves on my BB,snap call with the AQ. He turns a K. Pretty standard really.

Game #45: 679441174---15th---AKs<KJo---Ship 9BB over 3 limps from the CO,only action is from the UTG+1 limper. Q102 flops,no help to either of us suit wise,but the way KJ had been killing me lately I'm thinking "here comes an Ace". Turn proved me right.

Game #46: 679442319---6th---55<JJ---Shipped last 3BB from 2nd position after I had lost most of my stack calling a ship from the Button with AKo,villain had 66 and faded the hand. SB wakes up with the hooks here and I'm done.

Couple hands from this one...

Hand 1:

Not sure I can remember the last time I saw KK played this poorly.

Hand 2:

Reason for the overbet shove here is that villain 2 in the BB was a prime candidate to ship his stack very wide here given my observations of his/her play. So I wanted to try and pressure either them or the 2 limpers out and get into an ISO spot with one player. If all fold that's OK too.

Game #47: 679465155---7th---AQs<66---Was second hand after the bubble burst,I'm at 4.5BB and table shorty,going with AQs all day long from 3rd position. BB had the 66 and I blanked.

Game #48: 679474037---5th---A10o<K6s---Shove last 8BB from the Button and the BB calls off a little less than half their stack with K6.Flops trip 6's.

K6,for half their stack...

Well,they WERE s00tid...

Game #49: 679490698---21st---96o<A8s---Was in BB,3 limps,flop comes 962 rainbow,I pot it to lead out,get called by 1 player,turn is a 10,I bet 2/3's the pot,get shipped on and am pretty much committed. He turns over the bluff (OK,semi-bluff to the gutshot...) and binks his effing 7. Sickening.

Game #50: 679936132---19th---QJs<KK---7BB ship from the Button,was short on a out-kicked spot with trip 9's vs. trip 9's (Q kicker to K kicker...). BB had the cowboys here.

Game #51: 679937227---4th---AKs<44---9BB ship from 1st position,SB had the sailboats. My AK hands have gone wanting way,way,way beyond normal percentages so far in this set. That ain't good for me,as I'm a firm believer in AK.

Two from this one just to illustrate a point...

Now I know that I've advocated,more than once,that I'm perfectly fine with just pre-flop shipping a 50 or so BB stack in the first 2 levels in these (this 100% goes for $0.25 45 man's as well...) and yet I do not do so here,with more shallow stacks in play.

That looks counter-intuitive I know but my reasoning,extrapolated over a fair amount of trial and error is simply that my main concern when getting AA in these is max chip extraction and after we reach/pass levels 3 or 4 the percentage of drool boxes will have gone down so the preflop ships aren't going to get looked up as much. The plan is for the chips to be in the middle yes,but just a bit more finesse seems to be the better path once you reach this point.

Drool boxes don't know about effective stack sizes and would only get annoyed at you were you to attempt to explain it to them. Kind of the teaching a pig to sing thing in play---just wasting your time and annoying the pig.

Game #52: 679939063---20th---JJ<AA---11BB ship over a min-raise(MP1) and call (MP2) from the CO. BB ends up calling and the 2 that opened the action go away. BB turns over the cooler.

Game #53: 679932229---7th---33<J9o---3BB ship from the Button,BB calls with the J9 and flops a J. Another hit the FT short and play card dead game.

Game #54: 680108320---AQo<J10s---5BB ship from the HJ,SB calls and flops a 10. Was short when my Q high straight was second best to a K high.

Game #55: 680108925---11th---KJs<98o---All the hands I've lost to KJ hands that I had crushed when the chips went in this set I really needed to see this...

Game #56: 680109765---29th---KK<55---I ship over a 3x from the Button with my last 12BB. 5 flops. NH Slingblade.

Game #57: 680113033---13th---1010<A9s---Hand shown below...

Overly aggressive? Perhaps,but Villain 9 was a complete and total spewtard,knew he could call with worse and was damned if I was going to put a standard raise for that much of my stack in the middle here,have him call with BS,see 1 or more overs flop and then have to fold to this jackass. Again,my terminology here but I got the result I wanted---dummy calls with worse,did NOT get the outcome I wanted. Implied odds in play as well,I win this hand and have this moron on my left my chances of winning this 45 go up exponentially.

Oh one more from this one,yet another episode of "Limpers are Losers"...

Villain 5 in this one is my favorite guest star on "LAL" this year. I sometimes have potato chips whilst I play,he seems to favor lead paint chips.

Game #58: 680114916---23rd---There's really no comment for this BS here...

Game #59: 680566415---5th---AQo<KJs---I raise 2. from the Button,BB calls. Flop is AQ2 rainbow,BB checks,I eschew the slow play and raise 2/3's the pot and snap when the BB ships over me. Then cringe in horror when a 10 turns.

KJ...again...ONLY time I've seen it lose this set is when I had it and got it in with the villain crushed.

This set is the variance run from Hell so far.

Game #60: 680566954---11th---KQo<A4o---11BB ship from the HJ,BB calls off a little over half their stack with A4o and flops an Ace.So much for fold equity.

Game #61: 680577249---13th---AJo<KK<1010---Was totally card dead this game. Saw 4,FOUR,flops...before this hand,3 of which were free peeks on my BB. Was down to 6BB here so of course it's going in (from MP1). And surprise,surprise,I get not coolered...no I get double coolered. The KK was nuked by a river 10,just for ghits and shiggles.

Game #62: 680577869---16th---KJs<K8o---7BB ship from the Button to open the pot. BB calls off roughly 40% of their stack with the K8o and flops an 8. If this set were real money there would be a trail of dead penguins with "EFF KJ" carved into their foreheads ( or whatever passes for a forehead where penguins are concerned) from here to Topeka...

Game #63: 680624816---3rd---33<QJo---Hand shown below...

Anyone like this call from the villain here? Keep in mind I'm showing the tightest profile on this FT by far. Guess the villain thought it was stellar as I got a "Bye donk" in the chat box for my trouble. Yes they ARE noted (yellow of course...yellow being the color of bananas and monkeys love bananas...).

Game #64: 680625871---18th---99<J9o<107o---Table closed before I could save this one but man...I ship my last 8BB over 2 limpers from the SB (limps were UTG+1 and Button) get called...1078 flops,UTG+1 puts his last 800ish chips in and gets snap called,Button then catches a 10 for the boat. Just to put the perfect wrapper on it a J rivers so I get a meaningless straight.

Game #65: 680626561---4th---QQ<A7s---Shown below...


Game #66: 680630439---9th---AQs<55---First hand of the FT,I'm MP1 and ship,SB has the 5's and fades.

Results through Game 66

23/66 ITM (34.85%)

Play chips invested: 132,000

Play chips won: 200,627

Profit/Loss: +68,627

ROI: +51.99%

So that's it so far. NO wins,a few 2nd's,just a big old bag of meh really. Variance is definitely kicking my ass this entire set,that will happen. At least I'm still making mostly good decisions,which is really what it's all about. Worm has to turn sooner or later and I'll be back to kicking everyone's ass and taking names when it does.

Gonna need to get smoking hot to make +100% ROI though.
Games 67-80,and update... - Thu Jan 31, 2013, 07:08 PM
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This one starts out with me still deeply ensconced within the Valley of Meh. Then the worm turns...

Game #67: 681137517---10th---KQo<A3o---Shipped last 6BB from Co to open,BB calls of 40% of pot with his raggy Ace,3 turns and that's it.Scratch and claw for every little gain type of game,with main chip leakage through folding trash hands in blinds and a couple of raise/miss flop and fold to aggression spots. One of those kind of games that we've all been in that really comes down to how one big spot plays out. Here's the one for this game...

Shove to ISO here,had wanted to be in a stack versus stack spot with this drooler for 3 or 4 orbits. Guy's pattern was luckbox a stack,spew it back,rinse and repeat. He went out 3 hands later BTW...83o<JJ.

Game #68: 681138393---29th---AQo<A3o---I'm in the CO,2 limps in front and I standard raise 5x (3x +1x for each limper). UTG+1 open limper is only one to bite. Flop comes A102,rainbow. He checks to me and I bet 2/3's the pot and he ships over top. I had seen the player shove 44 earlier so I'm not worried about a set,didn't follow his line to have a pocket pair here. A2...maybe? But the result that would burn my azz the most is folding the best hand (if I have it...) so after a short stew I call. See the A3 and as I'm congratulating myself on the call a 3 turns.

Game #69: 681139273---9th---A8o<1010---Down to what...125 chips left behind when my BB is raised by the Button. HU with ATC in that spot I really have to go and A8o is better than I can hope for in most cases. I do suck a card,an 8. Whoop-de-doo.

How I was in that spot...3rd hand of the FT,I'm sitting 8 of 9 with an M of 3.4 (7BB). To open from anywhere,even UTG+1, I'm making this play every time.

K6. Dude puts his stack in with K6. Oh,my bad,they were s00tid. Oh it all makes sense now.

>>Face Palm<<

Love the cruel irony of it being the 7h that gets him there too.

Game #70: 681143311---13th---A5s---22---2BB ship from the HJ over a limp from UTG. 3 ways to the flop,I catch nada. Don't know what the caller from the BB had,he folded out after a post flop bet on a J63,2 club board. This hand was the hand immediately after this hand.

This is really about on the line of standard raise/ship it for me and was a play made to the situation at hand. Villain 7 with the big stack here was playing almost every hand to open unopened pots and limp along on opened ones. Then C-betting a lot. Did NOT want to be in a spot of standard raising and then having to fold probably a better hand on a blanked flop to this joker. So...ship it. I need the double up more than the 225 chips anyway and if someone calls with worse than bring it on.

Well someone called with worse at least...

Game #71: 681485099---2nd---Bust hand first...

Down 2-1 in chips and it's raised to me I'm happy to ship any PP all day long here. If called and flipping that's a scenario I'll take any day of the week. If the villain wakes up with an over pair,well that's how it goes sometimes,congrats and GG.

Was very proud of myself this game overall with how I played. Severely crippled at one point and fought back and the game had tons of interesting spots,not just hands I was involved in either. Were this an actual cash 45 man I would have sent Dave the HH for a replayer session in Live Training,think it would have made for a good .25 45 man session.

I can't show the hand I got crippled,the table closed on the end of the hand and you can't request HH's from Stars for play money hands.I'll give you the skinny though...

I was in the HJ with 24+BB and UTG+1 raised to 3x (blinds at 50/100). He only had 5BB left behind (so yeah,he should be shipping it,not standard raising...). I have QQ,this guy was a drooler and I'm 100% sure he's calling. In the land of the Ace-rag donkeys I'm not standard 3-betting here,I want to shove to isolate. Gets to the BB and he stews forever,then calls. UTG+1,as expected calls. Hands are turned over and it's my ladies against 33 for UTG+1 and 88 for the BB. I was playing about a 15% VPIP and shown the goods at 3 different showdowns and he calls 80% of his stack with 8's. Terrible in my mind. Natch he rivers an 8.

So I'm moved to a new table and crippled. Blinds at 50/100 and i have 512 chips. "OK",I tell myself,"Don't panic of throw in the towel. Objective 1 is a double up before the next blind jump" Find a hopeful spot".

Took all of 2 hands...

When I ship I'm thinking that it figures that I'll go out holding 88 after getting donkey-rivered by 88. Bonus here is that I not only double plus a bit more but also find a target to try and get stacks in with as often as possible in villain 8.

Like so...

Third time the charm?

Not for this droolbox it isn't...

I wanted to cry when he busted out a couple hands later.

Make the FT,sitting on a little less than 9BB and 5th of 9. This is like 3rd or 4th hand in...

Pretty standard. UTG shows weakness by open limping on a 6.5BB stack and I don't have enough left behind after a standard 3x raise to be folding on any flop so a shove is pretty much automatic here IMO. Horrendous call by the villain,could have folded and still been sitting 7th.

Now we're 6 handed,look at the depth of money here and then consider the plays...

Open limp and a flat from 2nd and 3rd positions. I see this kind of weakness in front of me and I'm looking to punish it with my hand. Now with 7+BB it's bad enough that villain 7 open limps here,but then,with a hand he didn't like enough to raise to begin with,he CALLS my shove?

2 thoughts...

1: Thank you,Poker Gods,for players like this.

2: Simply Amazeballs.

Game #72: 681486586---16th---AQo<A3s<77---Open shipped 8BB from HJ,Button calls with 77 and the BB calls of their stack (10BB) with A3s. Wow. A 3 flopped but thankfully the 7's carried the day at least. I'm OK losing a flip to the 7's,lose to the A3s woulda been sickening.

Game #73: 681487855---7th---JJ<Q10s---Hand below...

Was 2nd or 3rd hand after the money bubble burst. Card dead FT for me really. And the Q10s? Is it me or does anyone else think there's a secret society of players who sit around,watching Varkonyi's Q10 suckouts in the 2002 WSOP ME, and pleasure themselves?

OK,maybe it's just me...

Game #74: 681607659---8th---55<A7o---6BB ship to open from the CO,SB calls with the A7o and flops an Ace. Big stack,I have an Ace,devil may care call. HATE,HATE,HATE bubble boy finishes.

Game #75: 681608585---14th---AKo<A10o---Down to 9BB and have a min-raise from the HJ in front I ship my AK,get called by the open-raiser with A10,they flop an ace. Meh.

Game #76: 681608257---32nd---KJo<A9s---Ship last 260 chips from the CO here,BB has the A9 and flops an Ace. I got short with a bad call with pocket 10's,not giving credit to a player who was actually playing OK and saw him turn over Aces when I called his ship over my opening 3x raise.

Game #77: 681615068---24th---QQ<AKo---I'm UTG+1,open for a 2. raise,one caller (HJ) and then the BB ships it. I snap and other caller folds. A on the river. This was happening at almost the exact same time my AKo>A10o hand in Game #75 was going down. On the right side in both hands when the chips go in and lose both. Batting .1000.

Game #78: 682096021---1st---FINALLY!!! Was beginning to think I would never ship another one,lol.

Some hands...

First...we're at the top of the Nakatomi Plaza and 6 handed,button open limps,I'm in the BB with J3o,can you guess what's coming? Could it be? Yes...it's Limpers are Losers--Drool Hard: Part Infinity +3.

3 handed...

Have looked at this dude's river bet 100 times now and still don't get it. NEVER folding to that bet ever and if you still think your 5 is good...well the world needs ditch diggers too.

HU,the key hand...

Were about 20 hands into HU and it had been fairly standard play until this hand. Not sure what in the Hell the opp is on about here,guess he thought I was bluffing.

KO hand...

Super standard,mainly recorded for posterity as 2 amazing things converged here...I won and AQ held.

Wonders never cease.

Game #79: 682096826---1st---From the outhouse to the penthouse in back to back games.

Variance is a funny thing.

Not too much to see in this one before HU so let's skip to the final reel...

1st hand---I'm a luck sack.

Did NOT put him on a hand like QQ,obviously. Bad play by me,get lucky as Hell.

2nd hand---He lucks the chip lead back.

3rd hand---I get it back.

After seeing the 92 hand I immediately decided that pairs and broadways are getting played for stacks now,this guy's range is ATC'ish.

4th hand---End it,for strategy see hand 3.

Ball game. Should have lost on the K10<QQ hand but when I didn't I took full advantage of my good fortune.

Game #80: 682097752---19th---AQo<64s---Hand shown below.

It's cool,this is exactly the kind of hand that keeps the stations chasing. They don't luckbox a few and they may actually learn how to play.

Through 80 Games

27/80 ITM (33.75%)

Play money invested: 160,000

Play money won: 283,047

Profit/Loss: +123,047

ROI: +76.90%

Creeping back up...

Last edited by Moxie Pip; Thu Jan 31, 2013 at 08:11 PM.. Reason: neglected to list finishes for games 75 & 76...
Fri Feb 01, 2013, 12:03 AM
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Nice results, Moxie, sure wish I could see all those hands you're posting. This has been brought up before, but it seems if you have more than a few hand replays in your post, they don't load.

All part of the new improved forum, I guess.


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