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2nl6max ZOOM, loose villain shoves the turn 3xpot

2nl6max ZOOM, loose villain shoves the turn 3xpot - Sun Jan 13, 2013, 06:45 AM
morduk666's Avatar
Since: Aug 2011
Posts: 84
Hello Is folding in this spot is the correct play? Villain is 49/34/0 after 152 hands. Here it is :

Sun Jan 13, 2013, 08:45 AM
TheAwesomeNW's Avatar
Since: Mar 2012
Posts: 474
Hi, I'll prefer to lead, hoping to get it all in on the Flop. It's 3-way, there are draws out there, so some Turn cards like an Ace, Ten or an 8 may be bad for us.

On the Turn, Villain 6 bets small and reraises shove. There're only JJ, QQ, 77 which beat us. I doubt he'll take this line with QQ and JJ as he could have 3bet Preflop. Also it's unlikely he shoved with QQ and JJ as he'll be folding out many hands. He'll reraise smaller with a set most of the time. We don't have to worry about 77 as he had bet the Flop.

It looks like a draw by the line he's taking so I'm happy to call the shove. Hope to hear what others say
Sun Jan 13, 2013, 02:11 PM
PSO-xflixx's Avatar
Since: Jun 2011
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(Live Trainer)
Hi morduk,

I agree with TheAwesomeNW and I like leading out for pot building purposes. It prevents this flop from getting checked through and it also gets you money from the other caller into the pot.

I dont really like slowplaying by check/calling the flop since it fails to help us with this goal. As played I would check/raise the button bettor, since the preflop raiser has already lost interest in the pot anyway.

On the turn I would be happy to get the money in even though we might sometimes be behind against bigger sets. Villain can still stack off here Qx, 2 Pair or Combodraws, so calling still seems profitable - especially given his loose/aggressive stats so far.

Live Trainer

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Sun Jan 13, 2013, 04:38 PM
morduk666's Avatar
Since: Aug 2011
Posts: 84
I want to ask questions about the flop.I had a lot of spots like this when I am not sure about my decision : slowplay or go into quick action.

Quick play is the best, because I would decide the pot size, and get more value from his Qx hands,maybe Jx too since he is so loose.

This is the main reason for leading, right? Are there any situations when I should slowplay this kinda hand?

Thanks for the review guys

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Tue Jan 15, 2013, 02:42 PM
ArtySmokesPS's Avatar
Since: Oct 2011
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I don't mind checking the flop, as I want to see if either of the villains has something. (Ideally, both will). But I'm ALWAYS raising the flop after there is a bet. With 2 villains, it's likely that one of them has a draw. Straights and flushes are the hands that kill sets. I don't want someone making a cheap straight with 2 Broadways or T9, so charge them for doing so.
About the only time I'd check-call with bottom set is if there was only one villain and he was an habitual 3-barrel bluffer, and the board was a super dry J64, or if I flopped quads. The vast majority of the time, you want to drive the action by betting and raising, trying to win a whole stack.

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