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25NL 6-max: 66 river value with quads

25NL 6-max: 66 river value with quads - Sat Feb 02, 2013, 08:56 AM
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Hi all,

Decided to try some normal speed tables as well, taking a break from zoom.

My opponent in this hand is a 95/24 over 45 hands, thus no need to comment further on his tendencies. One thing that is interesting about his play though, is that I have seen him ship 70bbs over a 3x raise preflop or a simple cont-bet on the flop, with what I perceived as the nuts, as no one was brave enough to call him for me to gain some info.

preflop: standard open from me and especially with the sb being so loose and passive, making PP even easier to play. We get the obvious caller and everyone else folds.

flop: as a coordinated board as one can get, but against such a player we should c-bet for value 100% from the countless hand he might give us action with. The problem I noticed with my play here is my sizing which is really small on such a wet board. At that time, I just thought to keep my c-bet size standard, like when I c-bet at this size for a cheap steal on the flop. In retrospect though, this sort of opponent wouldn't even notice the difference I think.

turn: the absolute worst card in the deck and my opponent checks yet again. At this point I again thought about continuing for value against a ton of hands that would give it to me, but I immediately remembered his huge jams when he held (what i perceived as ) a strong hand and decided to check it back. If I had bet and he jammed I would be forced to fold losing all the equity I had in the pot.

river: a dream card hits the river giving me the absolute nuts (I even block the straight flush). This time my opponent leads the river making it certain that he holds either a straight or a flush. My decision therefore was pretty easy; raise big, but the question is how big. I decided to raise his 2$ bet to 10$ hoping to get a call by either a straight or a flush. Do you think I should have shoved this river, for maximum value making a huge overbet or even this loose of an opponent would fold his hand?

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Sat Feb 02, 2013, 09:44 AM
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Against villains like these I love overbetting for value, especially on boardtextures that allow for so many 2nd best hands that might be viewed as nut-type by him - they usually think of 8x or flushes that way here, for instance.

That being said, just jam

He probably folds all worse hands/bluffs than straights or flushes to a standard raise anyway.

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Sat Feb 02, 2013, 10:32 AM
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Wow! What a nice hand on such board texture!
I liked your thinking process for this hand. And I would bet same amount on river (would not go AI). But maybe vilain would not see a difference and call anyway...
Wed Feb 06, 2013, 06:55 PM
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I cant see the hand for some reason, but think that it is tempting to make sure you get some value from the nuts. Whereas if you eg stand to win twice as much by overbet shoving compared to your standard reraise you only need him to call half as much to pick up the same amount of chips in the long term.
If the overshove only causes a fold from say a minority of his range like straights then the shove is best

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