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10NL Zoom 6max, postflop line with TPTK and NFD

10NL Zoom 6max, postflop line with TPTK and NFD - Wed Feb 06, 2013, 04:06 PM
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Hi all,

I am really struggling to find a perfect line here:

Unfortunately our only read is his stack size which indicates the villain knows what he is doing. The flop is really nice, I bet and get check raised. Since we were a bit deeper I decided to take the conservative approach and just called. The turn brings a terrible card and the villain checks. This led me to believe that he did not have a flopped flush or a set(no rerason not to bet right?) so the most likely hands i think are KsQ, KsJ, KsT. Unfortunately all of those are beating me (even T9 got there) so i hope check is the right move. The river is a 9 and he leads into me which really makes me believe he has KT so I obviously fold.

The outcome of the hand is very unsatisfying which indicates it was played poorly. I flopped a monster which became a mere bluff catcher OTR. Not even a bluff catcher... there is virtually nothing he can be bluffing with.

My questions are:
1) What is the right bet size OTF?
2) Should I 3b and call a shove OTF with that stack size?
3) If not how to proceed with the hand after the flop?



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Wed Feb 06, 2013, 11:12 PM
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Hi Tommy,

First thing... just because the guy has 400bb's in front of him doesn't mean he knows what he's doing. Maybe he does but it's an assumption you can't make, maybe he just got lucky.

On the flop here I would c-bet more than half the pot, there are many worse hands that can give action and with our hand equity here I'd like to build the pot a bit more. His raise sizing is pretty big, with the amount of hand equity we have I would raise again. I actually don't mind just shoving as it puts a ton of pressure on him and he may call off with the 2nd nut draw... like if he calls off with KsQc or KsTc that is huge for us. The other option is to raise small to like $4.20 which will put 9.10 in the pot if he calls and sets up a nice stack size to shove on the turn. It gets dicey though if he uses this against us and calls, then shoves the turn himself. Probably better going with the bigger raise.

Flatting leaves us the problem of having a tougher turn decision to a big barrel if we miss, and losing our action if we get there and he doesn't have the Ks.

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Thu Feb 07, 2013, 07:09 PM
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Hey Tommy

Of course agree with Dave.

Would be c-betting 65-75% on this kind of board myself as it hits a lot worse than your hand.

I would factor in that it is a pretty good flop against his range if we assume he 3 bets pre JJ and QQ, then we are only behind to flopped flushes, 44 and QJ. On the flip side he can get excited about KsQ, KsT type hands that we would love to be against. His flop raise is chunky, I wonder would he do that with flopped flush or bottom set? You arent going to hold the As a huge amount so why scare off most of your range if he has a made hand?

The action on the turn also suggests that he doesnt hold set, two pair or flush, so his chunky flop checkraise is probably with the Ksx type hands and that is why he is checking the turn. If we can narrow his range down to most likely KsT (I think) that allowed you to play the rest of the hand perfectly, so isn't really dissatisfying or poor play. I would have likely shoved over the flop and presumably lost more

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