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WPF--Runnin' with the Big Dogs

WPF--Runnin' with the Big Dogs - Wed Nov 20, 2002, 04:39 AM
Deleted user

...So this time my flight is Honolulu to Seattle,
Seattle to Minneapolis/St. Paul, M/SP to Providence.
At the airport it is cold and rainy as I wait for
the shuttle for Payless Rent-a-Car... I am tired!!
It is still raining as I head down the freeway,
and miss the Foxwoods exit!! Damn!! Now I
am tired and PO'd!!!! Two miles out of my way
and then two miles back to the exit is excruciating
after what seems like two days of traveling with
no sleep.
The only reason I am going to Foxwoods
instead of straight to my hotel (A new AmericInn
up the road from Norwich in Griswold) is to make
sure i get registered for the 10k event the next
When I get to the tournament room, I am
told I can't register until three hours before the
event. "What?!?" I yell. "I want to give you
$10,000 to enter the event and you're telling me I can't?!"
(Remember, I am VERY tired.) The floor man says wait
a minute and starts to call tournament director Mike Lang.
I whisper somewhat sheepishly, "Of course, I don't
really want to give you 10k, I just want to give you this,"
holding out my receipt from winning the supersat last week.
"Oh," he says, "You're fine. Even if you show up late we'll
just put your chips at a table. Don't worry about it."
Oh..... nevermind then.

So I get up the road to this nice looking new place, but the
Jacuzzi is not working!! Jeez!!! is anything going to go right?


Well, the next day is beautiful... blue sky... brisk but not
cold... so I go catch the high speed ferry and relax as I
watch the scenery drift by. This strategy worked well
last week...


I get back to Foxwoods about 45 minutes before the start
of the tournament and go upstairs to register anyway so
I can get the free gift. (Always looking for an angle.)
As I am waiting in a line of about 10 people, a young Black
man strolls up the line inside the rope set up to keep
passers-by from mingling with people in the line. A uniformed
Foxwoods staff person says, "Please go outside the ropes,"
and the young man starts verbally laying into him. "What??
What difference does it make? You think I'm trying to cut
in line?? Just leave me alone!!" ...and on and on. The young
man is Phillip Ivey.. perhaps THE hottest young poker player
on the scene right now.
I can't resist. "Nice move, Mr. Ivey," I say softly. he looks at
me like, "Who the f**k are you," but he doesn't say anything.
With my black leather cowboy hat and icy stare he thinks I
just might be somebody. (OK, that was a little writers


I find my table and sit down. Then I get up again and look
to make sure I read my ticket right. Sitting at my table are
Scotty Nguyen, Chris Fergusen, and Phil Hellmuth...three
former World Champions! Also at the table are Ken Flaton
and a couple of others who are used to being in the winner's
circle. Frequently during the first round other players and
floor staff are coming over and making witty comments about
the makeup of the table. When I am not in a hand (which
is most of the time) I stand and watch and chuckle appreciatively
at the jokes, as if I am just another spectator.
I later hear that some of the players at the table have mistaken
my mask of frozen terror and my unwillingness to play
a hand as a tight, solid unreadable style...


Two quick notes. I reported last week about a player in the
SB making change to match the BB, and then wanting to
raise substantially and being told that was two moves, and
he would be able to only raise the minimum. Well, now
womebody figured out that that's wrong and it is announced
that if you say "raise" you can match the blind or the bet,
and then go back to your stack and raise as much as you want.

Then they announce that the blinds will start at 25-50 instead
of 50-100 as advertised. THEN it is announced that this is
not going to happen afterall because Mike was not consulted
about it and he says no when he finds out!


Actually I did play two notable hands with this group.
In the SB I get Q6 sooted and get to play for the half bet.
I flop two pair and check-raise to win a modest pot.

Then I make it 300 to go in early position with AQ. Scotty
Nguyen, who has been playing pretty fast, calls. I flop
two pair and bet 600. Scotty raises 1500. With no hesitation
I move all-in. Sure he could have hit a set with the blank,
but I don't think so. I have decided I am NOT going to play
to simply maximize my time at the table, and this my first
chance to prove it! Scotty mucks immediately.


A little while later Scotty Nguyen is knocked out. We play
eight handed for awhile and I am having fun just watching
when a new player takes a seat. It is the very recognizable
T.J. Cloutier.
I don't get much in the way of cards for the next several hours.
At every break, (90 minute rounds) I am calling gatorhb and
she is relaying my status to the forum and the chat of whatever
game she is in on PSO. The words of encouragement that
she relays back to me help keep my spirts up even as my chips
are dwindling. I am really getting nothing in the way of cards,
so I go a long spell without even having to make any decisions.
We started with 89 players, so it is announced that Day I will
end when we reach 45.
When we are at 46, a hand is folded to me and I look and see
88. I have 6.5k in chips. What the heck, I push all-in. The
player to my left looks at me, shakes his head, smiles, and
goes into a long think. Ohhhhhh chit!! What have you
done, John? You're going to be the Day I Bubble Boy...
Suddenly, the player in the BB comes running to the table,
shouting, "The blinds are wrong! I was BB last hand!"
(He had been away from the table and his chips put in
by the dealer.) It is verified that the blinds were indeed
wrong. The floor is called. The decision is, that since the
action had not been completed, my bet came back and the
hand was declared a misdeal!
The player to my left shows me AK of hearts. Classic
coin-flip, but this is one coin I'm glad to put back in my
Before another hand has been dealt, a player at another
table is knocked out, and I have survived to Day II !!!!!!!
Wed Nov 20, 2002, 09:39 AM
Deleted user
"Jeez!!! is anything going to go right? "


Congrats again Huk.

Peace, Starrs
Wed Nov 20, 2002, 10:05 AM
Deleted user
Great post and great results Huk! You have made everyone at PSO very proud.

Although I have not enjoyed your fine outcome, I have been playing against many of these "top players," over the last year, and I think you would agree with me, that there are quite a few players here at PSO who can compete very effectively against anyone in the world.

The experience we can get, the situations we are witness, and the tough competition we face here at PSO definitely prepares us to compete in the biggest tourneys out there.

As you stated, play good, get some cards, and don't back down.

I followed your progress (as did many of us at PSO) because you did what we all desire -- excel at a major poker tournament.

Congrats also to Depraved who kicked some major butt at Foxwoods, and brought down the big bucks. And also to Paul Spitalnic (pspitalnic) who destroyed them at the satellite tables. Congrats to anyone else who did well at Foxwoods.

PSO rules!!!!

Wed Nov 20, 2002, 11:52 AM
Deleted user
Great report Huk - keep em coming, and congrats once again.

Wed Nov 20, 2002, 05:44 PM
Deleted user
As I have said before, WTG Huk!

I sure hope that gator relayed to you the excitement that was happening here in the forum during your run in the tourney. There were 30-40 names stacked at the top for hours as we waited for updates. I have no doubt that I was not the only one cursing the cell phone problems that prevented more frequent updates.

The fact that our community came together so well and was SO excited for you bodes well for pokerschool in general, and specificly towards Mark's avowed goal of creating poker champions.

I am looking forward to the rest of your report, and I am proud to have shared mai tai's with a 10k buy-in playin, final table making, big money winning, all around good guy.

Wed Nov 20, 2002, 06:05 PM
Deleted user
very nice man
Wed Nov 20, 2002, 07:31 PM
Deleted user
Huk, I just busted out of my little $5 on line tourney and it was so much fun to come read this.



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