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AA deep stacked on button

AA deep stacked on button - Sun Feb 10, 2013, 07:21 AM
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Not very deep, but enough stack to play without an open shove, and contemplate a fold.

This was at level 4 of one of the $100K Privilege Freerolls.

These are rebuy tourneys but in general I don't rebuy - just use the Freeroll entry and occasionally take the $0.30 add-on if I am really deep stacked after the re-buys end and feel I have a good chance to run deep enough.

I made a standard (smallish) opening raise, from the button with AA - called by SB. C-bet a K high coordinated flop with 2 diamonds, which was called again.

I slowed down and checked the turn, although I had picked up the nut flush diamond draw. I only have a pot sized stack here and if I did bet it would probably have to be all-in.

Missing the river I checked back again and faced a shove that put me all-in.

I start the hand with 24 big blinds, but there are antes in here at every level, so pot is relatively large.

If I fold on the river I will still have a 19BB stack, (or 13BB when the next level (100) hits this orbit).

It is unusual for the table to fold round to the button in these, I would have happily shoved preflop over any limps/raises, but from the button I prefer the small/standard raise as it could look like a steal and gives me a chance of action.

But should I have bet bigger preflop - to leave a pot sized shove on any flop if called?

Should I have made this c-bet on the missed flop, or delayed?

Should I have barrelled the turn when I picked up the draw?

Should I call or fold on the river? Straights and flushes are out there - opp could frankly have lots that beats me(any 8/any Q, two diamonds, anything better than 1 pair.)

Or they could just have a K or even a J - some of these players would not hesitate to bomb those over a river check.

very few hands on this player but suspect loose/passive - played about 40% of the few hands I have on them

Any thoughts welcome


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Sun Feb 10, 2013, 09:15 AM
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Since: Feb 2011
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I think you have to bet that turn and then check the river, you said he was loose passive but you gave him the initiative. Loose passives love any 2 picture cards and will not fold. Betting the turn may well win you the hand as they will call a gutshot on the flop but not on the turn, it will definitely let you know how you stand in the hand. You may well be ahead on the turn so 1/2 betting the turn will leave you with a small but playable stack.

As the hand played out I think you're crushed on the river so it's an easy fold imo but you will never have known because your turn play smelt of weakness.

Just my 2 cents worth and probably not how the analysers will see it

Bracelet Winner
Sun Feb 10, 2013, 09:19 AM
marvinsytan's Avatar
Since: Aug 2010
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damn Ed, this is a tough spot

but I like the spot

You did everything right pre flop and flop

The turn card is really good for you because you gain additional outs in case your behind

personally, I am going to shove the turn because your right any bet on the turn basically should be an all in


you can win the pot right there on the turn

if he called and you are behind you are not drawing dead

if you win you will have a nice stack that can give you an advantage

if you lose - you can always register to the next freeroll


love the spot Ed good luck in your game
Sun Feb 10, 2013, 12:27 PM
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Since: Jan 2012
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Hey EdinFreeMan

Your bet sizing pre flop and post flop is fine, I personally would of bet the flop a little more than we did so that I could shove all in on the turn for less than a pot sized bet.

Although we pick up the nut flush draw on the turn I still feel like we have to bet. Any 6,8,J,Q or K that isn't a diamond is going to be scary for us and because we only have a pot sized bet left we may struggle to find a fold. So for this reason I would definitely recommend shoving the turn. If we had more chips then I'd prefer to just bet rather than shove.

With such a small stack to pot ratio, the turn card ' the 7 of diamonds' is a great card. The only hands this card improves are flushes,J8 and 68. However in a heads up raised pot it is unlikely that villain has any of these hands so don't be worried about that.

I fold the river. Loose passive players wont often find it in themselves to bluff in spots like these. I expect villain to show Qx more often than not and sometimes he will have a two pair hand like KJ/J10 and of course once in a blue moon he will show the flush.

Nice hand Ed, cheers, Chris,

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