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£2.20 [$5K Gtd] - Tough spot with AA's Vs UTG Raise & BB (3 way flop)

£2.20 [$5K Gtd] - Tough spot with AA's Vs UTG Raise & BB (3 way flop) - Thu Feb 28, 2013, 07:41 PM
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NLHE $2.20 [$5K Gtd] MTT - Blinds 75/150.


Level IX with approx. 1100 ppl left [ITM - 432ppl]. I had been playing pretty tight to this point, playing premium hands & the odd steal as & when the opportunity arose.

I had no information on Villain 1 as he/she was new to the table having only played (2 hands) and limited information on Villain 2 (16 hands).

Hero Stats:

VP 14, PFR 7, 3B 11, CB 100,
37BB, FCB -, (42)

Villain 2 Stats:

VP 19, PFR 0, 3B 0, CB -,
49BB, FCB -, (16)

Pre-flop Action:

I picked up Ac Ad in mp with 37BB. Villain 2 with 49BB started things off with a standard 3x (450chips) raise from UTG. I 3bet to 9x (1,350chips) & was called by Villain 1 in the BB with 34BB & the original UTG raiser, so Pot is now 4,250chips.

Post Flop:

Flop is Js 4s 3s Villain 1 (BB) is first to act and shoves his remaining 3,765chips... Villain 2 folds.


With no information on the Villain, an unkind flop & faced with an 'all in' which accounted for more than 90% of my stack; I was convinced that I was more than likely behind to either a readymade flush, flush draw or set and with 27BB left behind decided after some deliberation to hit the fold button... I showed the AA's; the Villain didn't reciprocate.

Question: Good fold?

Tony [aka Prodigy]

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Fri Mar 01, 2013, 04:01 AM
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Hi Tony,

I think you have to go with your hand here. Folding is ok, stack preservation wise if you think you have a massive edge on the field and can find a better spot. But I think we are getting a pretty good price on a call unless we are crushed as you say by a set or a flush.

Reason I think it's less likely for villain to have one of these hands is the way he's come out of the gate firing. This would be a good spot for them to slow play. Check to the UTG raiser or the 3 bettor who may well bet a worse hand themselves when they check. If they don't bet then the villain can easily shove the turn and still get it in. When they shove a flush here how often are they going to get action?

In this spot I think it's more likely hands like AJ,KJ,QQ,KK,TT,A of spades combos. These are all hands that a more likely to just shove and get it in. Cause with only one bet left in their stack they aren't going to fold but don't want to risk giving a free turn card.

Also another note, as difficult as your lay down is NEVER show it It's all information your opponent can use against you. If the table sees you making a big lay down they are just more likley to try and put you under pressure.


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Fri Mar 01, 2013, 09:48 AM
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Hi Andy,

Thanks for the feedback. Whilst the replayer doesn't show it I used virtually all of my clock deliberating the call. I considered how I would play the hand if I was sat with KK, QQ or Ax [with a spade] & very nearly called for that reason, because as you say with less than a pot size bet you would probably play the hand the same way. However, having faced an UTG raise, a 3bet pre-flop I decided that unless he was a complete maniac his calling range is going to be restricted to premium pairs and high suited connectors and if Villain was holding e.g. KK, QQ would a 4bet pre-flop be more likely rather than simply calling my 3bet with original raiser still to act or am I overthinking this too much?

In the end I decided that 'my hand' was pretty polarised [my 3bet range was AA, KK, AKs], so for the Villain to donk bet the flop [even though he was new to the table] I gave him credit for something and went on to finish ITM (362nd). All that said, if I’d had 14bb - 17bb behind almost certain I would have snapped called & took my chances.

Finally, I rarely show [this was the only hand during the tourney] and later used my TAG image to my ‘advantage’ when the blinds started to rise, but I did it simply to see if Villain would reciprocrate & show me the nuts / bluff.

Tony [aka Prodigy]

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