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self exclusion

self exclusion - Fri Mar 15, 2013, 12:53 PM
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Since: Jan 2011
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hi all i have opted for the self exclusion once again i cannot stop loosing its like no matter what my opponent has he will win against me now three times in a hour the same thing happend i hold ace the flopp comes ace but three times my opponent had aa one of the times i had ace flush 18 dollers all in on the turn for the river to pair j to give the house to my opponent i have noticed the green bar that says when we earn 750 fpp we get 10 dollers the last time i got within 150 fpp of that i could not win a hand bad beats all day long so now i am there again and the same so i feel it is the acount gets allocated good or bad luck based on the proggress bar i am a fearless poker player but this doesnt feel like poker it feels like i am lured into pots with big hands normally u flop trips its a monster not this last two weeks for me i have been beat trip over trip a fair few times now to the topic of variance if i can loose like that surely i can win the same way but that doesnt happen but it does for the select few that reel in the bucks for stars they get there good varience alot i cannot keep in the anger at how i who doesnt have much money can keep getting such bad luck i go into a hand knowing i have the best hand but suspecting it will be beat and be right everytime 60 dollers gone today but i excluded myself for 60 days i need to forget about all these bad beats so i done it on both full tilt and stars i havnt went out in weeks cuz i invested in poker knowing that i do play ok and can play exellent i feel that the beats are not a reflection on my game the computer just says no!!!!!! simple as
Fri Mar 15, 2013, 01:23 PM
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Fri Mar 15, 2013, 01:57 PM
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Since: Feb 2011
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I understand how you feel man. Some days no matter what you do, things will just end bad. Last two days I played flopped top set with pocket AA and lost full stack both times. Had to fold river with AA on KJ flop another time yesterday. Yet again lost full stack with AA yesterday when villain calls me down with bottom pair of 5's (called my open raise with 45s from SB). He hit runner runner 4,4 says "bluff" and raise-shoves river and I make a sort of bad call...

If you feel like you need a break then that is definitely a good move. Can't let the bad feelings ruin the fun of the game.
Hey Jimmy. - Sun Mar 17, 2013, 11:20 AM
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Hey Jimmy, a self exclusion can not beat variance, good BRM and schedule can.

I do not know your amount of play or your BRM use, but several factors have to be considered.

1. If you played poker at almost a constant, you will always lose.

2. If you start to stress over one beat, then all beats seem painful.

3. If more than 5 percent of your BRM is been invested, in any given game, this is not good.

4. If you play MTT's you have a lot more player variance.

5. If the person you are playing against has a huge BR, they may not care and call you anyway.

6. The fish will call you

7. your own table image is more important than their image.

8. Fundamental mistakes are raising the wrong person,sometimes pot control is the importance.

9. Brutal self examination

10. If you feel thrustrated in any way, argument with the wife,
kids playing up, hungry, thirsty e.t.c.,
do not play.

11. Impossible to handicap a player, and you know I have looked into this and all aspects.

12. Over confident and not beleiving is bad at times, opp dependable.

13. Exceptancy is the final hurdle

Get some free play in, join a home club, take away the stress, it is the stress of trying to win, that makes you lose.

Bring back the fun side to your game.

Enjoy it, not so serious, stay low level buyins so you can donk a donk, and the loses of BR are minimal.

Remeber on a cash table, people will go all in and call all ins more than in a tourney. They can get knocked out of a tourney, a cash table, new chips and donk you.

Look at the Psychology side, learn what they think and how the fish thinks. You no longer will care then about beats, and will just laugh it off.

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