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Advice on heads up play please

Advice on heads up play please - Sat Nov 23, 2002, 12:46 AM
Deleted user
Hi Folks:

Thanks in advance for any thoughts you may have regarding the following hand:

(Please note: I am new to poker and the PSO, having started both about 2+ months ago. This hand was played against one of the best players here. I didn't know I should post his/her name so I changed it.)

__________________________________________________ _______
Omaha HiLo $20 multi 48 to start, down to final 2.
Blinds are 2K/4K

opponent starts with $29,307
samsterism starts with $18,693
opponent has the dealer button


samsterism dealt down 5s 5c Js Jc

(we both raise and re-raise 'till I'm all in)

opponent shows cards 7c 5d As 3h

>>>DEALING FLOP<<< [ 8h Qc Ah ]
>>>DEALING TURN<<< [ 8d ]
>>>DEALING RIVER<<< [ 6d ]

opponent won high with two pair, aces over eights
opponent won low with eight low

samsterism finishes in 2nd place
opponent finishes in 1st place
__________________________________________________ _______

I have been playing mostly Hold'em so Omaha is still a bit of a mystery for me (but then so is hold'em). I keep misreading my hands (can't use 3 from the hole Sam! ) Anyway, when I saw this hand I thought something like "wow, this is great because I have a great chance at trips!" So as you can see I bet it all and lost. Now I'm thinking that may have been a mistake because I only had 4 cards to make my trips, an 10-1 against (approx). The odds and everything is new to me so I still miss quite a bit that may be obvious to most.

Anyway, thanks very much for your thoughts and also for the great games, lessons and friendliness here at PSO.


Sat Nov 23, 2002, 01:11 AM
Deleted user
If you were the small blind I would certainly raise here if I was the first to act. If you were the big blind and the sb raised you I would have called here and looked for the flop to help you.

If you were the small blind and you were reraised I don't know if I have an answer for you whether to reraise or not. I think you give your opponent more credit than you should have. Your opponent had a better than average hand heads up, but not a hand that I would want to decide the game.

While you say this is one of the best players at PSO, the way the hand played out I get the feeling that your opponent didn't have the same confidence in himself/herself as you gave them. They were willing to get it all in preflop versus a raiser with a hand that doesn't have a lot of value as a high hand, but has good value as a low hand. Given that they even think about what hand you would raise with they only have three outs with no kicker of even getting top pair.

They are being extremely aggressive with a hand heads up that they only have an advantage on the low end if it even comes.
Sat Nov 23, 2002, 01:18 AM
Deleted user
I reread your origianal post and did see that you were the small blind. You were correct to raise in this situation. With the reraise you are very close if not already pot commited. I think I still just call the reraise and hope for improvement from the flop.

I believe that it is important when you have a good hand but not a powerhouse hand in this situation and it is evident that your opponent is willing to reraise you all in preflop that it is best to call the reraise. Postflop considering the size of the pot compared to your stack and the fact that you are first to act I think I bet the pot here regardless of your cards.

The result would be the same in this case, but at least you give yourself the slight possibility of winning the pot with your post flop bet and you still have some outs.

While I don't think you should have gone all in given the size of both stacks, I think you played this hand better than your opponent.
Not Much of an O/8 Hand!! - Tue Nov 26, 2002, 12:09 PM
Deleted user
Earlier in the game, I MIGHT call for half a bet in the small blind. Probably, though, I'd just DUMP IT it!
- after all, you've got NO low chances, and baring a miracle flop, your best high is likely to be trip Jacks!! Not much of a high hand!
- after all, how'd you like a flop of 3h 5h 7d???
--- you've made your trips [SO WHAT] - and the low players are about to start the "raise wars!!"
--- and the players with 2 hearts and 4 middle cards will come along!!

- I'd never raise!! [well, in one condition - see below].

Head's up, in the situation you describe, when the Small Blind/Button opens with a raise - I'm dumping the hand!! Just not enough outs in O/8.
- I'd almost rather have 6 7 8 9 in 4 suits then the JJ 55 I've got!

IF I did call the SB/B raise [highly unlikely] - I'd dump the hand on the flop!
- now with Ah 8h Qc on the board:
-- my hand didn't improve!!
-- and most likely raising hands my opponent has have ben improved!

MAYBE, in the SB/B with a big stack lead on my head's up opponent, I'd make 1 raise - to try to push them off the BB!

A totally different approach than cockroach's. That's why poker is such a fascinating game!!
Tue Nov 26, 2002, 12:56 PM
Deleted user
I agree with Blind Bat. Your stack is too big and that hand is too weak to be putting money in. No low, no coordination, and low pairs. Dump it. Agree that your opponent made mistake by reraising with that hand preflop. Just my opinion.

Have played a couple with you samster... you are gone be a good here at PSO! I like your plays and your intuition.


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