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5NL Zoom - River line?

5NL Zoom - River line? - Wed Apr 24, 2013, 05:44 PM
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Villain of the piece is 24/6 over 51 hands. Not a huge sample size but fair enough to say he is passive and fairly loose.

Villain limps UTG, with him open limping I decide to call too, pretty much for set-mining purposes, also because button is a 50% 3bettor albeit over a small amount of hands. I didn't fancy raising in mid position and getting re-raised and having to fold my hand.

It folds round to the big blind who checks.

Flop brings me top set, it checks round to me and I bet half-pot, hoping for calls of course. Small blind folds and the big blind calls again.

Turn brings another two which gives me a Full House. I'm certain I have the nuts at this point. Only getting beat by quads and have no real fear of that at this stage.

I lead for around half pot again and this time villain re-raises me, a min-raise, but with him being a passive player and now getting aggressive I figure he has hit something on the board. Trips seems likely. Lower full house possible. I don't figure he has a flush draw as I think he would just call with that rather than re-raising. I still don't think he has quads.

River is a J, I figured that with the previous action, the J has changed next to nothing and that I am still good here. I can only be beat by quads.

The river is the part of the hand I am most interested in hearing analysis on.

I wanted to extract ultimate value and made the choice to overbet shove the river.

This allows for three outcomes.

1. I win the pot without showdown. Potentially missing out on some value.

2. I get called, win the pot, and extract full value.

3. I get called, lose the pot, value own myself.

I'm really interested to hear what people make of this line on the river. I'm pretty sure my stack was ending up in the middle at some point anyway.
Thu Apr 25, 2013, 03:25 PM
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Hi bhoy,

I would prefer to raise to .20c to isolate tbh. Don't worry about a 3b% of 50% over a small sample, it's probably 1 of 2 opportunities. If you're concerned about it then maybe raise to .25c to discourage him from getting frisky. The trouble with limping is it invites someone to raise and isolate both the fish and us, forcing us to hit an 8 to like our hand. If we get HU with the fish we can win quite a bit without having to flop a set.

Good job betting the flop and not slow playing! The fish limp-calls, great.

Turn I prefer to bet bigger than half the pot, the fish has officially shown an interest in contesting this pot, and the 2 pairing should not dissuade his 1 pair hands or flush draws, so build the pot a little bigger. Fish clicks it back and check-min raises. Good reraise! Again, I would suggest sizing it larger, as you note this guy rates to have something strong taking this line and we cooler all strong hands except quads, so go ahead and get more money in, he's not folding.

I think your river line is perfect. He rates to have a strong 2nd best hand and to not be capable of letting it go. If the bets sizing was larger early in the hand (could have been larger at any point, including raising pre), we would have had an easy time getting him in with weaker holdings, but when he's got a strong hand as indicated here, we can make up for lost time with the big river bet.

I don't think your money was getting in the middle at some point, if you bet less than his stack on the river he would have just called, and whatever you left him with is money left on the table. Nice job recognizing the situation and not leaving any $ behind.

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Fri Apr 26, 2013, 06:15 PM
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Hi Dave,

Thanks for the analysis.

I totally agree with that I should have raised pre-flop - there are so many reasons of course why that should be the case.

I never slow play a big hand at this stage so betting out on that flop is something I will do regularly.

I take the point about getting more in on the turn, both with my original raise and my reraise, I know that he has something and seems likely to call whenever I bet bigger.

So, it wasnt perfectly played, in fact, I could have played a number of streets better.

I can take solace in the fact that I did do the right thing by the river and got the money in with what figured to be the best hand bar being on the wrong end of a cooler.

Thanks again.

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