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Play Money Challenge

Play Money Challenge - Wed Jul 24, 2013, 03:39 AM
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Since: Jul 2012
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After discussing with Cairn we have decided to set up a play money challenge involving sets of 45 player 1k buy-in sng's to see who can come out with the most profit. The objective is to get some friendly competition going here along with a spark of motivation by being able to compare stats and results as we move through the set.

The fine details have yet to be determined such as how many will be played and how the results will be recorded. Possibly a Moxie Pip style of recording and commenting as the games are played or the Cairn style with the battle of the planets scoring system. I will let Cairn decide what option will work best. If anybody else wants in on the challenge let us know in the thread!
Wed Jul 24, 2013, 04:06 AM
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Since: Jul 2012
Posts: 48
This will be the post I record all of my results for a set. Hopefully we can keep the thread pretty clean for an easy read and comparability. I went ahead and played a few tonight after I got the green light from Cairn.

Orbit #1

#1 (30th out 45) for -1000
#2 (12th out of 45) for -1000
#3 (1st out of 45) for 13,175
#4 (26th out of 45) for -1000
#5 (11th out of 45) for -1000
#6 (10th out of 45) for -1000
#7 (16th out of 45) for -1000
#8 (11th out of 45) for -1000
#9 (9th out of 45) for -1000
#10 (10th out of 45) for -1000
#11 (11th out of 45) for -1000
#12 (5th out of 45) for 1,835
#13 (25th out of 45) for -1000
#14 (9th out of 45) for -1000
#15 (2nd out of 45) for 9,125
#16 (15th out of 45) for -1000
#17 (7th out of 45) for 620
#18 (2nd out of 45) for 9,125
#19 (43rd out of 45) for -1000
#20 (39th out of 45) for -1000
#21 (2nd out of 45) for 9,125
#22 (6th out of 45) for 1,025
#23 (4th out of 45) for 2,240
#24 (8th out of 45) for -1000
#25 (19th out of 45) for -1000
#26 (16th out of 45) for -1000
#27 (4th out of 45) for 2,240
#28 (14th out of 45) for -1000
#29 (14th out of 45) for -1000
#30 (6th out of 45) for 1,025
#31 (14th out of 45) for -1000
#32 (11th out of 45) for -1000
#33 (2nd out of 45) for 9,125
#34 (28th out of 45) for -1000
#35 (17th out of 45) for -1000
#36 (21st out of 45) for -1000
#37 (40th out of 45) for -1000
#38 (41st out of 45) for -1000
#39 (24th out of 45) for -1000
#40 (10th out of 45) for -1000
#41 (2nd out of 45) for 9,125
#42 (1st out of 45) for 13,175
#43 (17th out of 45) for -1000
#44 (14th out of 45) for -1000
#45 (14th out of 45) for -1000
#46 (19th out of 45) for -1000
#47 (5th out of 45) for 1,835
#48 (1st out of 45) for 13,175
#49 (19th out of 45) for -1000
#50 (7th out of 45) for 620
#51 (4th out of 45) for 2,240
#52 (23rd out of 45) for -1000
#53 (8th out of 45) for -1000
#54 (6th out of 45) for 1,025
#55 (29th out of 45) for -1000
#56 (11th out of 45) for -1000
#57 (1st out of 45) for 13,175
#58 (22nd out of 45) for -1000
#59 (19th out of 45) for -1000
#60 (15th out of 45) for -1000
#61 (17th out of 45) for -1000
#62 (12th out of 45) for -1000
#63 (10th out of 45) for -1000
#64 (7th out of 45) for 620
#65 (6th out of 45) for 1,025
#66 (1st out of 45) for 13,175
#67 (14th out of 45) for -1000
#68 (17th out of 45) for -1000
#69 (11th out of 45) for -1000
#70 (14th out of 45) for -1000
#71 (12th out of 45) for -1000
#72 (14th out of 45) for -1000
#73 (37th out of 45) for -1000
#74 (16th out of 45) for -1000
#75 (2nd out of 45) for 9,125
#76 (16th out of 45) for -1000
#77 (13th out of 45) for -1000
#78 (9th out of 45) for -1000
#79 (29th out of 45) for -1000
#80 (6th out of 45) for 1,025
#81 (4th out of 45) for 2,240
#82 (35th out of 45) for -1000
#83 (20th out of 45) for -1000
#84 (15th out of 45) for -1000
#85 (5th out of 45) for 1,835
#86 (7th out of 45) for 620
#87 (3rd out of 45) for 5,480
#88 (16th out of 45) for -1000
#89 (5th out of 45) for 1,835
#90 (1st out of 45) for 13,175
#91 (14th out of 45) for -1000
#92 (15th out of 45) for -1000
#93 (8th out of 45) for -1000
#94 (31st out of 45) for -1000
#95 (21st out of 45) for -1000
#96 (20th out of 45) for -1000
#97 (34th out of 45) for -1000
#98 (31st out of 45) for -1000
#99 (20th out of 45) for -1000
#100 (7th out of 45) for 620

Earnings: $94,805
ROI: 94.81%

After playing the first few I am very surprised at the bluffs that were occurring at each table. Even the final table of SNG #3 was full of big raise bluffs. A couple players bluffed off their stacks completely though they played pretty conservative the rest of the time as far as I could tell. I played pretty tight folding QQ when 3 other players went all in holding A8, 68, and 55. I would of won the massive pot but I am still getting a feel for the level of play in these low buy-in sng's.

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Wed Jul 24, 2013, 11:52 AM
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Since: Jun 2010
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Those of you who have read my earlier threads regarding card distributions will realize I'm a bit of a frustrated statistician. I'm going to compile the same material in this game as I did in the other games. (Hey, no moaning in the back seats!) However, I'll keep this thread relatively clean by holding off on those stats until I hit the hundred game mark.

My first game and I need to rethink poker. It's been a while since I ran into the maniacs. In one hand the field went down to 39. My first playable hand, hand number 3, I get pocket aces. Two players go all-in before me, I called. One player had ace - seven suited, the other, queen - nine off suited, I giggled. Of course I've seen Lady Luck offer her horseshoe, so I wasn't cocky, just confident. The board didn't help anyone, which means I took out two. Seems like strong hands are top-two board cards paired, or better.

Have not experienced this loose action since the 27-player $300+$20 games. I'm sticking to my usual style, which might be a wee bit too tight. There's a lot of games to play, so it is a definite learning curve. In this first tournament, I made the money. At the final table, our tourney leader sat out the rest of the game. He finished in fourth place and I just edged by him and into third.

I'll post my record after my fifth game, or when I play as many as my challenger, whichever comes first.

A special thanks for the challenge. I have a feeling poker would be a secondary activity without this inspiration.
Wed Jul 24, 2013, 11:07 PM
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Ace-king killed the old hedgehog in game two. Paired both cards and another player is pushing hard. Rainbow flop and the third card gave no possible straight. Didn't put him on a set. Was right. A jack hit the board on the river. My inner voice said fold, but I didn't listen. He had queen-ten off suit and put me out. Have got to listen to that inner voice more often.

Same combination killed me in game three. Went all-in pre flop with ace-king suited since I was the short
stacked. Chip leader called with three-two suited, and same suit. He got the deuce on the flop and I went down in flames.

Nine of nine isn't such a bad place on the final table. I need only outlast two instead of four to make the money. Sure, seventh is a small return, but it is a gain. Small gains can equal big money.

Way too early to consider this a realistic indicator. Will need at least 25 games to do that.
Wed Jul 24, 2013, 11:09 PM
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Since: Jun 2010
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So here are my results:

GAME 001 --- (03) ----- 06,480
GAME 002 --- (34)
GAME 003 --- (07) ----- 01,620
GAME 004 --- (32)
GAME 005 --- (02) ----- 10,125
GAME 006 --- (05) ----- 02,835

Earn ----- 21,060
Cost ----- 06,000

Net -------15,060 (ROI = 251)

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Thu Jul 25, 2013, 02:29 AM
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About halfway through play today it looked like all I was going to show and talk about is one big streak of final table bubbles. SNG #4 through #11 was a combination of being card dead at the most critical point of the game and calling a few too many big blinds to see if I could steal pots or hit flops.

In SNG #15 I was able to wake up early on with AA vs KK vs QQ all in preflop. My hand held up and I took the chip lead for most of the game until the final table. The table played pretty tight and the chip leader sat out four handed. This allowed me to gather chips as a short stack but I fell heads up against a pretty loose cannon.

I was disappointed in SNG #17 having went down to this hand on a big blind special. Still a cash with 7th place so not a complete loss.

Dealt to Slip_Me_Aces [7c 5h]

*** FLOP *** [7d Kc 5d]
KB0VGX: bets 200
Slip_Me_Aces: raises 4621 to 4821 and is all-in
Bigdadynasty: folds
NIGHTMARE732: calls 4821
jtwg 123: folds
KB0VGX: calls 2840 and is all-in
*** TURN *** [7d Kc 5d] [Ah]
*** RIVER *** [7d Kc 5d Ah] [9s]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
Slip_Me_Aces: shows [7c 5h] (two pair, Sevens and Fives)
NIGHTMARE732: shows [6c 8c] (a straight, Five to Nine)
KB0VGX: shows [As Kh] (two pair, Aces and Kings)

Also in SNG #18 I was the short stack again at the final table. I found a couple big pocket pairs to double up and played carefully as there was two short stack sitters when the final table began. Somehow both sitters cashed as there were two bad beats that knocked players out in 8th and 9th. I kept hanging around, waiting, and picking my spots to gather chips. Getting heads up I had a chip lead at one point but was crippled with KJ vs A8.
Fri Jul 26, 2013, 12:43 AM
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Game 4 --- short stacked after losing high pockets to a maniac. If the guy played, it was always all-in. Many times it was with nothing more than suited connectors. Needless to say, his stake bounced like a yo-yo. Unfortunately, I hit him on the upswing.

Game 5 --- Got down to twelve players with me number twelve with less than $500. Chip leader eliminated five players making me seven of seven. The fellow played ATC poker and Lady Luck gave him the golden horseshoe. I kept holding on by winning a few hands, but never got above my initial stake. When it got to heads up, I had less than the BB. Needless to say, 7-2 off suit didn't win.

Game 6 --- I know it's bad karma to just try making it to the money, but that's what I'm doing. Any profit beats a loss. Ubertight at FT, especially when you're nine-of-nine, has been a winning strategy. Of course having hands no higher than group six helps. My three FT wins came on high-card hands. How's that for power?

I know it is still early to spot a pattern, but I have noticed that getting past hand 100 puts me in the money. The speed is a bit higher here too, averaging over 85 hands an hour. Time is still running close to, but under, two hours. I need a first place finish to see if games go over two hours.

Will make my nest update either after my last game Sunday, or first thing Monday. As I said in a PM, my hat is off to you for doing multiple games. My desire to chat keeps me at one table. I tried multiple tables, but didn't enjoy it. I could do four in the cash games before Black Friday, but nobody ever talks, so you concentrate on the game, not the social aspect of the game.
Fri Jul 26, 2013, 05:34 AM
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Thanks I have a tendency to get bored on just one table which causes me to play more hands then I should. I don't quickly get into another after I bust from one though its 3 per each session. I would rather play them all around the same levels then be just starting one, in the middle of the second, and the final table of a third. Thankfully these 45's fill up extremely quick.

BTW you are off to a great start their Cairn. Having your 4th cash in only 6 sng's where it took me 17 sng's. It might be early but that is a pretty big difference!

My first session today of SNG #19 and #20 consisted of two early bust outs. I flopped a pair of Aces and top kicker with AK but ran it into pocket 22 that had flopped a set. This rarely ever happens so I wasn't too upset about that situation. I then had K 10 in the SB where I flopped trip tens only to be busted out by a flush draw that completed on the river. In SNG #21 I hit a flush in a big three way pot early on to triple up. During heads up I got raised every hand without having any good cards and pushed back at the wrong time.

The second session of SNG #22 through #24 I played short stacks in all three the entire time. This was a combination of being card dead and not being able to make bluffs as the small stack. I kept doubling through the big stacks because they were playing so loose but my luck ran out when I got AK vs 67 preflop to finish 6th in SNG #22 and A 10 vs Q 10 preflop to finish 4th in SNG #23.
Sat Jul 27, 2013, 04:19 PM
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Game 7 ----- Pocket queens goes all-in preflop as BB. Six players limped into the hand, but my bet eliminated all but one player. That player had pocket eights. Flop gave my opponent quads. Forty-six hands and the only three I won were as BB when everyone folded.

Game 8 ----- Lady Luck had a good laugh at my expense. I folded five consecutive hands that turned into full houses on the flop. Who bets 2-4 BB with 4-3 off, jack- deuce suited, 7-4 off, pocket 4, or 9-6 off? My other hands sucked sewer water. Fifty-two hands and just one win. Reality returns with a vengence.

Game 9 ----- Let my emotions blind me since I was card dead this game. Figured the other guy had the queen for the straight, but could not give up my two-pair hand. Can you say dumb-dumb hedgehog?

Game 10 ---- Pocket kings once, pocket queens twice, all three lost to a river with the other player holding ace-trash off suit. My prior ITM percentage was between 30 and 40 percent. It's holding here too.

Game 11 ---- Pocket aces lost to pocket tens when a ten hit the flop. Bad run here.

Game 12 ---- Pocket queens did it to me again. Went all-in pre flop since I was number 8 of 9. Got five callers. One player had pocket kings and he KO'ed us all. Eight doesn't pay

Game 13 ---- It's the weekend all-in slam-fest. Finally got something over group 6, a pair of eights. Flop was three kings and I went all-in. Other player had ace-queen. Turn and river were ace and queen.

Game 14 ---- Ace-king hit four times carrying me ITM. Lady Luck reclaimed her horseshoe and I didn't see anything higher than a ten until blinded out at fourth. I'm happy.

Game 15 ---- (yet to play)

So here are my results:

GAME 001 --- (03) ----- 06,480
GAME 002 --- (34)
GAME 003 --- (07) ----- 01,620
GAME 004 --- (32)
GAME 005 --- (02) ----- 10,125
GAME 006 --- (05) ----- 02,835
GAME 007 --- (15)
GAME 008 --- (13)
GAME 009 --- (18)
GAME 010 --- (30)
GAME 011 --- (24)
GAME 012 --- (08)
GAME 013 --- (14)
GAME 014 --- (04) ----- (03,240)
GAME 015 --- ()
Sun Jul 28, 2013, 11:08 PM
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Game 15 ---- Card dead, winning just 3 hands in 105 dealt. Never went over 2K, but did make it to the money thanks to some super aggressive play by the others.

Game 16 ---- Ace-ten suited four times. Flop gives me a 4-card flush. Chased. Never hit one. My last hand? 4-card flush and open-ended straight. Didn't hit either one.

Game 17 ---- Aggressive bluffer, I called when he had a good hand. My two-pairs fell to his.

Game 18 ---- Started out as BB and folded crappy cards. Cards got worse. Blinded out.

Game 19 ---- Once again I make final table as nine of nine. Seven times I saw other players win with nothing more than high card, and big pots too. I need at least a pair. I hit a set of nines. Other player hit three sevens on the flop. Turn and river were both sevens. Last five games I won a total of ten hands. Got to do better.

Game 20 ---- Good news, bad news. I've avoided the bad hands by folding. Problem is, folding has been my best play. You don't win via folded hands. Zero hands won in sixty-two hands. My best was my last as I finally got an ace. Ace-queen suited in diamonds with four players. Board was three spade and two clubs. Winning hand? A pair of threes.

So here are my results:

GAME 001 --- (03) ----- 06,480
GAME 002 --- (34)
GAME 003 --- (07) ----- 01,620
GAME 004 --- (32)
GAME 005 --- (02) ----- 10,125
GAME 006 --- (05) ----- 02,835
GAME 007 --- (15)
GAME 008 --- (13)
GAME 009 --- (18)
GAME 010 --- (30)
GAME 011 --- (24)
GAME 012 --- (08)
GAME 013 --- (14)
GAME 014 --- (04) ----- 03,240
GAME 015 --- (06) ----- 02.025
GAME 016 --- (26)
GAME 017 --- (17)
GAME 018 --- (11)
GAME 019 --- (09)
GAME 020 --- (14)

Earn ----- 26,325
Cost ----- 20,000

Net -------6,325 (ROI = 31.6%)
Mon Jul 29, 2013, 03:50 AM
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I actually got on a table with Cairn the other day. I think I went out 14th after blinding away my stack and he got unlucky in his game #9. I can't really say too much about the sit and go's I played during this time because well, there isn't much to say!

Last night I had probably the worst couple of sessions during SNG #34 through #39 I have had since the challenge started. I had extremely good cards and monsters such as AA and KK but either got the blinds with a raise preflop, was outflopped to a weaker hand when I played it slow, or got sucked out when we got it all in preflop. One of those nights you just examine your play, count your losses, and come back another day.

Tonight I played just one session but I feel like I played the best I possibly could. In SNG #40 (10th Place) I battled with a short stack all the way to the final table bubble when I ran 10 10 into J J. I never really had many good hands in this tournament but I was determined not to have an early bust out like the previous six I played. In SNG #41 (2nd Place) and #42 (1st Place) I finally survived some preflop sweats with big pocket pairs vs A high hands and seemed to take the small pots every time I made a bluff. I will share my last two hands of both tournaments. I may have been a bit aggressive here but the past four heads up matches I lost partly I think because of conservative play trying to avoid coin flips and blinding off my chips.

SNG #41

atm_depoists: posts small blind 400
Slip_Me_Aces: posts big blind 800
Dealt to Slip_Me_Aces [7d 8d]
atm_depoists: raises 800 to 1600
Slip_Me_Aces: calls 800
*** FLOP *** [Qd 7c 8c]
Slip_Me_Aces: checks
atm_depoists: bets 34762 and is all-in
Slip_Me_Aces: calls 29438 and is all-in
*** TURN *** [Qd 7c 8c] [5h]
*** RIVER *** [Qd 7c 8c 5h] [6d]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
Slip_Me_Aces: shows [7d 8d] (two pair, Eights and Sevens)
atm_depoists: shows [9h Qs] (a straight, Five to Nine)

SNG #42

Slip_Me_Aces: posts small blind 1000
TightJim: posts big blind 2000
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Slip_Me_Aces [7s 8c]
Slip_Me_Aces: calls 1000
TightJim: raises 5000 to 7000
Slip_Me_Aces: calls 5000
*** FLOP *** [6d Kh 7d]
TightJim: bets 26176 and is all-in
Slip_Me_Aces: calls 26176
*** TURN *** [6d Kh 7d] [Qs]
*** RIVER *** [6d Kh 7d Qs] [Th]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
TightJim: shows [Ah 9d] (high card Ace)
Slip_Me_Aces: shows [7s 8c] (a pair of Sevens)

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Sat Aug 03, 2013, 08:27 AM
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Game 21 ---- I'm now twelve wins in seven games. Saw just two aces all game. Oh yes, both wins came as BB when everyone folded.

Game 22 ---- Pocket paired queens and jacks missed. No joy for me, great for others.

Game 23 ---- A money finish with a standard nine of nine FT. More wins this game than the prior seven combined.

Game 24 ---- Fewer hand, but a repeat of game 23. I can live with that.

Game 25 ---- Pre flop call of an all-in with pocket aces, other player had ten-nine suited. Flop gave him king high straight.

Game 26 ---- Had ace-high straight. Did not see the possible flush. Bye-bye hedgehog.

Game 27 ---- When you hit FT with less than $500 and still manage to make the money, that's good. Do it and win enough hands to eliminate three players, better. Missed second with the kicker. He had a nine, I had an eight.

Game 28 ---- Five wins in 112 hands, I feel luck to make the FT. After thirty minutes without paint, I get ace-queen as BB. The high card is a queen. One player calls my all-in with queen-nine off. Nine hits the river.

GAME 021 --- (16)
GAME 022 --- (08)
GAME 023 --- (04) ---- 03,240
GAME 024 --- (04) ---- 03,240
GAME 025 --- (40)
GAME 026 --- (26)
GAME 027 --- (03) ---- 06,480
GAME 028 --- (09)

The weekend is here and I'm hoping to get at least eight games done. I'm not doing too well in this challenge and I need to step up my aggression factor.
Sat Aug 03, 2013, 10:24 PM
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Its been awhile but I have a pretty crazy one to share. I have been running pretty weird lately just trying to stay a little above even. Not only was SNG #87 the first 3rd place I made but its also the first one I cashed in by winning just one hand. I was dealt AK first hand and decided to take the risk because I know there are some that don't take these games seriously. I won the 6,000 pot but I got absolutely destroyed the rest of the game up to the FT. In that time (which was 107 hands) we had made it down to 6 players and I had 700+ chips left. I then finally won some pots and got down to 3 handed when I had A7 vs. Q2 preflop in a 22k pot to get heads up but he hit a 2 on the flop to win. I guess that shows that even if your running horrible it can change in an instant.
Sun Aug 04, 2013, 09:17 PM
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Talk about a disaster. In seven games, I lost every showdown. I did not win an uncontested hand in eight games. Five games had zero wins. That's the bad. The good news is coming out profit.

My record for the latest 20-game block.

GAME 021 --- (16)
GAME 022 --- (08)
GAME 023 --- (04) ---- 03,240
GAME 024 --- (04) ---- 03,240
GAME 025 --- (40)
GAME 026 --- (26)
GAME 027 --- (03) ---- 06,480
GAME 028 --- (09)
GAME 029 --- (10)
GAME 030 --- (06) ---- 02,025
GAME 031 --- (17)
GAME 032 --- (03) ---- 06,480
GAME 033 --- (06) ---- 02,025
GAME 034 --- (08)
GAME 035 --- (17)
GAME 036 --- (38)
GAME 037 --- (03) ---- 06,480
GAME 038 --- (19)
GAME 039 --- (13)
GAME 040 --- (37)

Paid ---- $56,295
Cost ---- $40,000

Net ----- $16,295

ROI ----- 40.74%

Game summaries:

Game 29 ---- Pocket queens let me down. Didn't think the guy had the flush. Had an open-ended straight. I was right about my opponent not having the flush. However, he had king-four off and his pair of kings beat me.

Game 30 ---- Making the money is more luck when you're nine-of-nine and under $300. Pocket kings gave me a huge win and I outlasted a super aggressive big stick that lost everything in three hands.

Game 31 ---- Getting out kickered. Five showdowns without a win thanks to the river.

Game 32 ---- Ace-anything suited when in the BB hit every time. Made FT as number 4 and finished in third.

Game 33 ---- Last game put me in the black for this 20-game block. A royal and quads took me from 27 of 27 into the money. Good thing too as the river was a real (censored).

Game 34 ---- Card dead most of the game, so I'm pleased by my effort. Forced all-in with jack-three off suited. I did hit the three on the river, but one of the four callers had pocket tens.

Game 35 ---- Trip kings with a queen kicker lost to an ace kicker.

Game 36 ---- Pocket queens gets four callers pre flop. Best hand against me was ten-nine suited. All four split the pot with a 6 to ten straight when the board filled their runs. I'm still suffering from shock.

Game 37 ---- Patience. Three players sat out the FT. I had $2K more than any of them. Folded a few top tens, but I stuck to my plan. One sit-out made the money, coming in seventh.

Game 38 ---- Zero wins in thirty-six hands. Played one hand, other than a BB checked to the river. Lost both at showdown. Jack-high straight fell to a queen high in both cases.

Game 39 ---- My best play? Folding. Forced all-in with trash. Only hands played were the BB.

Game 40 ---- King high flush losses to ace high. Can you say ouch?

I'm still looking for that elusive first place finish. My next report will come late Friday. I'm hoping to do 20 games per week. I'm even inspired to go for 2,000 games. Promise, no stat report until the hundred games ends, and even then, I might not post as it doesn't inspire anyone else to do the same.
Sun Aug 04, 2013, 10:35 PM
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I just finished up with my orbit tonight. I pretty much crawled to the finish after suffering some horrible bad beats in my last few. After reviewing my results I can't complain too much because I felt like I gave it 100% all the way through. I am eager to see how are orbits compare when you get closer to the end Cairn. Right now I think I will take a break to let you get in some more games. As much as I like to play I do not want to keep widening the gap on our differences.
Fri Aug 09, 2013, 09:56 AM
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Game 41 ---- Ace-king and top two paired on flop. Other player hit runner-runner flush.

Game 42 ---- Finally, a first place finish. A near perfect showdown record helped. Pocket sevens were my god-hand. They came in as full houses six times, three of them more than doubled my stake. Best of all, it happened as the BB.

Game 43 ---- Players talkative and friendly. Not so the cards. Got desperate and went all-in with 2-times BB with my best hand of the game, ace-king. Other guy had pocket cowboys. No aces.

Game 44 ---- Down to 4BB and get paint for the first time this game, king-jack. Other player has queen-ten. I get jacks and kings paired on flop. Ace hits river and two pairs falls to straight.

Game 45 ---- Nothing memorable, just simple grinding with modest wins. No complaints on a fourth.

Game 46 ---- Pocket kings came up twice and I 4-times my stack. Pushed pocket tens too far and busted. Fourth puts me into profit for this 20-game block.

Game 47 ---- Pocket kings gave me kings full of aces. Pocket aces gave him aces full of queens.

Game 48 ---- Flopped straight fell to river flush.

GAME 041 --- (13)
GAME 042 --- (01) ---- 14,175
GAME 043 --- (18)
GAME 044 --- (17)
GAME 045 --- (04) ---- 03,240
GAME 046 --- (04) ---- 03,240
GAME 047 --- (27)
GAME 048 --- (22)

The weekend is about to begin and I'm hoping to finish this current 20-game block. Feels nice knowing I have twelve games where I can push the hands and know I'll be on the profit side. Of course that's just for the twenty games. My next objective is to make it to the $100K mark, which is THE break even point.
Sun Aug 11, 2013, 12:37 PM
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Game 49 ---- Card dead whole game, Ace-queen suited, went all-in pre flop, caught flush and lost to river house.

Game 50 ---- My table always had three players sitting out every hand. Even the final table had four. I outlasted them, but could not get any cooperation with the showdowns. Led at the turn, lost to the river.

Game 51 ---- Halfway through and $16,570 to go for the $100K. It is doable, but not in this game. Pocket kings fall to the flush. He had ace-queen suited, so just luck of the draw.

Game 52 ---- Pocket pair on flop hits set. Go all-in with 3x-BB. He has a higher set that hits the house.

Game 53 ---- Has the think-clock been reduced? I remember sixty seconds, not five. Several super aggressive players made the mistake of letting me see the flop. I took each out when my low pocket pairs hit the set when I was in the BB. Talk about your perfect storm.

Game 54 ---- I watched a player blessed by Lady Luck. Seven times he called an all-in, was losing on the turn, just one possible out. He hits the river. I was his eighth such victim. Two pair for me, he has high-card hand on turn with three clubs on board and one in his hand. River was another club. Played just two hands.

Game 55 ---- My pocket queens met pocket aces. Can you say ouch?

Game 56 ---- My bad, didn't notice the possible straight.

Game 57 ---- After forty hands of trash, my BB paid off with a set. Other guy hit the flush on the river.

Game 58 ---- Get king-queen off suited, catch the trip. Lost to the kicker, he had the ace.

Game 59 ---- I played dumb. Pushed two pair into an obvious open ended straight.

Game 60 ---- Folded trash hands I would have won. The good ones I lost. Pocket tens to a river ace.

So here are my results:

GAME 041 --- (13)
GAME 042 --- (01) ---- 14,175
GAME 043 --- (18)
GAME 044 --- (17)
GAME 045 --- (04) ---- 03,240
GAME 046 --- (04) ---- 03,240
GAME 047 --- (27)
GAME 048 --- (22)
GAME 049 --- (15)
GAME 050 --- (03) ---- 06,480
GAME 051 --- (15)
GAME 052 --- (09)
GAME 053 --- (01) ---- 14,175
GAME 054 --- (10)
GAME 055 --- (25)
GAME 056 --- (12)
GAME 057 --- (20)
GAME 058 --- (24)
GAME 059 --- (24)
GAME 060 --- (16)

Paid ---- $97,605
Cost ---- $60,000

Net ----- $37,605

ROI ----- 62.68%

I don't know if this is normal. In every game, I encounter a player I call the cheeta. This player is a sprinter who will make it pass the 18-player mark with more than 10K. At this point, they sit-out the rest of the game, finishing anywhere from third to fifth. The game where I came in third, one player sat-out the final table and beat me. It might be smart play in these games, but it sure feels like cheating. Where's the achievement in making it to the money if you do nothing?

Don't know if I'll surpass the 100% ROI, but it is better than my usual 30%. Of course, at this lowest level game, I find a huge number of maniacs. My usual play is look at cards, curse, and fold. Sometimes my cursing is directed at the guy betting 5-10 times BB with an ace. If nothing else, I am learning patience, though my desk shows I need more anger management training.
Sat Aug 17, 2013, 03:01 PM
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After that last game, I need a rest. Still hope to get at least another six games in over the weekend. However, I have to list these results. Don't think I can beat a 90%+ return, but I'm doing very well. Take a look and comment if you wish.

Got to ask, anyone want to see my number crunching? Moxie, surprised you didn't join in and show us how it's done.

Game 61 ---- My record going into FT was 0-9 for BB 0-8 for SB. and 0 for all other hands. Really rotten cards. Came alive on the FT and made it to sixth. Lost to a river house.

Game 62 ---- Does Snoopy Happy-Dance. This win puts me over the $100K mark. I slow played pocket aces and the other player hit the set. Don't care - much.

Game 63 ---- My 4-card flushes and straights never connected.

Game 64 ---- Kept pushing marginal hands, must play tighter. I played almost 40 hands in a 109 hand game and won just ten. Way too loose.

Game 65 ---- Pocket eights hits the set and I go all-in with a 4BB bet. Big stick calls. My eight set falls to his nine set.

Game 66 ---- Only two wins in seventy hands. Went all-in with pocket jacks pre flop. Player called with ace-queen suited. He got quad queens.

Game 67 ---- My queen-high flush fell to a king-high.

Game 68 ---- Good thing everyone was killing everyone else. Top three sat out final table. Nine showdowns, zero wins, each time I went in with the better hand post flop. Lost them all on the turn.

Game 69 ---- Worst-case scenario - over-aggressive player hitting high pockets and enough strong hands. His opening bet on every hand was $500. I go all-in pre flop with ace-king following his standard round four $2,000 opening bid. ($50/$100) He had pocket threes. I didn't catch.

Game 70 ---- Sat around too long. Went all-in with pocket nines against king-queen suited. My pair lost to the flopped full house.

Game 71 ---- Won all but one showdown, but none of the pots were larger than 5BB. My all-in was less than 2BB. The next two hands were blinds, and with antes, I was dead.

Game 72 ---- My best play is letting everyone kill each other. My move came post bubble, but a flopped straight lost to the turn's flush.

Game 73 ---- So card dead, but other player so hot. He hit quads five times taking out three each time. Made it to the money with less than $100 and blinded out. Group 8 versus pocket pair. Bye hedgehog.

Game 74 ---- A game of misses. My sets missed houses and lost. My 4-card post flop hands never hit, though I did check to the river. Blinded out.

Game 75 ---- Just won enough to outlast the player sitting out, who came in 8th. Next hand, I'm all-in due to BB. I caught pair of 5's (my high card). He caught pair of 7's (his low card).

Game 76 ---- A perfect record. One hand played in forty-eight. Two pair, kings and jacks, versus a pair of pocket fives post flop. I lost to the river and turn when each came up as a five. Not too surprised, I saw eight quads in this game. Ten quads for the day.

Game 77 ---- Two grueling hours where I didn't come alive until final table, nine-of-nine. Went on a streak and was number one of four players. Cards went dead. After twenty hands head-to-head without any face or ace, went all-in with pocket deuces. He hit flush with ace-king.

GAME 061 --- (06) ---- 02,025
GAME 062 --- (03) ---- 06,480
GAME 063 --- (17)
GAME 064 --- (06) ---- 02,025
GAME 065 --- (21)
GAME 066 --- (09)
GAME 067 --- (23)
GAME 068 --- (05) ---- 02,835
GAME 069 --- (22)
GAME 070 --- (22)
GAME 071 --- (13)
GAME 072 --- (07) ---- 01,620
GAME 073 --- (07) ---- 01,620
GAME 074 --- (13)
GAME 075 --- (07) ---- 01,620
GAME 076 --- (18)
GAME 077 --- (02) ---- 10,125

Three more games before I report results. Happy I made the $20K in this grouping.
Sun Aug 18, 2013, 12:44 AM
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Game 78 ---- Some excellent players at the final table made this one competative and tight finish. Eventual winner kept going all-in with just three players. Thought he had nada. My pocket pair fell when he matched on the turn.

Game 79 ---- First hand I play, pocket queens fall to pocket kings. Knew I was in trouble when three of us bet and two of us have pocket queens.

Game 80 ---- Early maniacs led to a FT where three people had $20K. Me? Nine-of-nine with $900. Got hot, then died. Didn't bother me.

GAME 078 --- (03) ---- 06,480
GAME 079 --- (27)
GAME 080 --- (03) ---- 06,480

Paid ---- $138,915
Cost ---- $080,000

Net ----- $38,915

ROI ----- 48.64%
Fri Aug 23, 2013, 09:48 PM
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Posts: 1,477
Game 81 ---- Sick, that's the only word to describe this game. Made it as 9-of-9, and super aggressive player

pushes others all-in with trip aces post flop. Four callers, not me. One player hit flush and eliminated two,

which put me in the money.

Game 82 ---- From little wins did I move onward. Made it to the money, got my first ace hand. Ace-queen suited

lost to ace-king off suited when nothing matched.

Game 83 ---- Pocket tens fall to a rivered flush. If I didn't go all-in that hand, I was all-in with the next


Game 84 ---- Pocket pair of fours on BB hits the wheel at the turn. I go all-in and get one caller. He had 6-4

off suited.

Game 85 ---- If I made just half of my post flop 4-card nut flushes, I would be coasting into first.

Unfortunately, I missed all eight.

Game 86 ---- We laugh at the ATC player. In this game, they ruled. Lead turned into gold while the monster hands

vanished into the mist post flop. Best word to describe this game, frustration.

Game 87 ---- My best option this game? Folding. I saw the flop eight times and didn't even get a 4-card hand.

Third game without a group one or two hand. Aces? None. That's 161 hands without a win.

Game 88 ---- We all know pocket aces win 85% of the time. Mine proved to be the other 15% on an all-in pre flop.

Guy caught the third king on the river. Cannot argue pocket aces (me) versus pocket kings (him).

Game 89 ---- My hardest decision, play or make the money due to the three players sitting out the FT. Once the

bubble burst, every hand became an all-in call.

Game 90 ---- Early wins, five of nine hands. Finished game with 6 wins after ninety hands. Got blinded out.

Game 91 ---- My full house, queens full of aces, falls to aces full of queens.

Game 92 ---- All-in maniac. Has played every hand, all-in every time. I hit pocket kings and call. He has 7-4

off suited. Flop gives him the straight. Yeah, he's been noted.

Game 93 ---- Shove monkey had Lady Luck's horseshoe. He finally took me out, but not til I made the money.

Game 94 ---- I go all-in pre flop with pocket kings. One caller, 6 - 3 off suit. He flopped a straight.

Game 95 ---- Just so card dead. Blinded out.

Game 96 ---- As short stack, I went all-in with pocket tens pre flop. Big stick called with pocket sixes. Six

hits the river. My luck sure sucks sewer water big time. Good thing I'm ahead overall.

Game 97 ---- The (censored) river hates me. Every showdown I lost, leading after the turn, my opponent having

four possible outs, and one of those outs hit. Who said drawing to the inside straight is dumb?

Game 98 ---- See prior game. Villian hit inside straight eight times on river. Thank goodness the times I did

win at showdown, it was against at least three other players. Last one was in head-to-head.

Game 99 ---- Pocket deuces as BB, five players limp to see the flop. I get a set and bet 5BB. Three players go

all-in and I call. Two players have two pair, other player has a three-card straight. He needs two inside cards

to complete that straight. He got the runner-runner straight.

Game 00 ---- I finished the 100-games with a profit. Only good thing to say. If I can get down to 18 players,

the maniacs are either gone or sitting-out with more than 10K. Got a 4-card flush and open-ended straight after

the flop as BB. Went all-in with 3BB. Got six callers. Two hit a higher flush.

GAME 081 --- (06) ---- 02,025
GAME 082 --- (06) ---- 02,025
GAME 083 --- (08)
GAME 084 --- (10)
GAME 085 --- (29)
GAME 086 --- (08)
GAME 087 --- (12)
GAME 088 --- (17)
GAME 089 --- (03) --- 06,480
GAME 090 --- (11)
GAME 091 --- (37)
GAME 092 --- (21)
GAME 093 --- (04) --- 03,240
GAME 094 --- (37)
GAME 095 --- (13)
GAME 096 --- (10)
GAME 097 --- (03) --- 06,480
GAME 098 --- (02) --- 10,125
GAME 099 --- (22)
GAME 100 --- (15)

Paid ---- $169,290
Cost ---- $100,000

Net ----- $69,290

ROI ----- 69.29%

For those wondering, I will be compiling my statistics for this 100-game run. I'll post in the usual location, the beginner's forum. I have forgotten just how loose players are in chip action. I cannot believe how many players go for that inside-straight, and hit. So many will never fold if they have any ace or two face cards in their hand. Many consider any pocket pair worthy of an all-in play. It amazes me how many of these maniacs are blessed by Lady Luck. I have to believe they would never do such things if the tourney was for cash. Than again, I have seen such things at our live poker club.

My thanks to Slip_Me_Aces for rekindling my interest in this site. I will say it again, PokerStars is going the wrong way with chip games. I can understand why. It is the Facebook effect, where everyone is trained to go all-in every hand regardless of the cards. Go to any of the sites promoted by Facebook and all they players do is go all-in. The only question is when.

The only thing that PokerStars hasn't done is give away chips. People have to earn their bankrolls here while other sites offer hourly lotteries and bonuses for playing time. Let's get real, sit at a table for an hour and the site gives you a million in chips? Where's the challenge or the skill? If PokerStars ever does go full Facebook-mode, I see my days here numbered, and that number is zero.

How I wish for cheque action once more.

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