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CrazYJohnnie grinding goals

CrazYJohnnie grinding goals - Fri Mar 28, 2014, 09:14 AM
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Since: Apr 2012
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What up community!

Decided i should make thread about my adventures at them micro stakes and how i grind it(hopefully) up, so i maintain good discipline because i would need to post here.

Poker & Life Goals:

-Play at least 2k hands @ reg cash tables daily;
-Alternative is to grind SNG's for 6 hours a day;
-Attend all training sessions on PSO, which i do when i do not forget;
-Review hands, read/watch different subjects about poker daily for 1 hour - today playing AK;
-Start working out 4 days a week, i was in great shape, but my current lifestyle has lead to ultimate degeneracy and i don't think i can even do 30 pushups anymore;
-Get a job, have been unemployed for couple months, this actually could be easier than reaching 50NL this year
-Stop running bad at Stars and no tilting;

Beat: Runbad and tilt have made my Stars BR from 30$ to 10$ in two days, need to grind it up.

Brag: Pacific roll has gone from 10$ to 40$ in 8 days at 2NL and 1$ SNG's, gonna take 5 BI shot at 4NL today, they have 2c/4c blinds instead of 2c/5c blinds at Stars.

Variance:Yesterday Monkey tilt graph

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Sun Mar 30, 2014, 05:31 PM
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Since: Apr 2012
Posts: 641
Posting is not very easy, when you run very bad, because we all like to say that we are doing good, right?
Anyway, 2 days ago i nearly busted my tiny roll at zoom, playing tilt poker on Stars, but i think i can turn it around and need to grind SNG's to get somewhere, also my horses are doing good, so hopefully i can get back on track soon! Binked .25 90man today for 5.78$ weee
I have some tilt related issues with zoom and no other game tilts me like zoom so i will not play it for a long time.

4NL shot on Pacific went kinda good in the beginning(aside from some weird reg vs whom i had AA, so i raise, he 3 bets, i 4bet, he 5bets and i snap jam and he almost snap calls. So i thought i would see KK. i saw KQ and turn made his straight ) What a lame play. Anyway after that it was all downhill, so i am back to 2NL, but currently on a brake, will not play until Wednesday.

Good luck at them tables!

Sick brag lol: won PSO Home Game tourney today, play money, but anyway it feels good. Also went into 100 out of 5k runners at 0.11$ tourney, but some random nit called my 12 BB A3 shove with KQ for 1/3 his stack and hit Q on the turn. Whatevs.

Nanonoko vids are the nuts, Haxton coaching Felix is also mandatory for everyone.

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Fri Apr 04, 2014, 04:31 PM
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Since: Apr 2012
Posts: 641
Patience is a virtue, in poker they say. I have revised my game a little bit, got rid of everything fancy, not even two barreling nut flush draws, doing almost nothing except good old value betting at them micro stakes. I also have adjusted my play not to do it by the book, but in order to beat the stakes i am playing. Only have to get that volume in, which i find kinda hard to do last few days.

Some lol graphament, this is 888 tourneys since i reinstalled HEM, I go on a nice 150 game downswing, followed by even better 100 game climb. 160 of these are 1$ 6max SNG's regular speed, about 100 hypers and some other gamezz. Time to post some hands for analyze in the forum

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Fri Apr 04, 2014, 07:57 PM
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Since: Nov 2012
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Good thoughts and you seem to have the right attitude, good luck
Wed Apr 16, 2014, 02:30 PM
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Since: Apr 2012
Posts: 641
Been a while, since i posted here, i have not been playing as much as i would like, but i will in these days.
I have rebuilt my roll on Stars, i am watching videos, thinking about hands, reading 2+2 and PSO, attending training sessions and it all starts to make some sense. I know i am very long way to go to where i could be, but i will try my best and some improvements:

-Always think about cbets, almost NEVER cbetting because i have to, but trying to figure out reason to c-bet vs particular villain/-s on particular boards, taking into account stack sizes, positions, metagame. If there are no reasons, i just check.
-Not stacking off too light pre-flop, although probably sometimes being too nitty.
-Practicing bluff-inducing from villains, when i am certain i am slightly behind or way ahead and river cards cant hurt me much.
-Not paying off big river shoves, in the same time bluff-catching better.
-ICM tools are great for SNG games, also having a look at push charts almost daily.

Didnt read lol

Will attend Flixx training class and dive into grind, i have big plans for this weekend, but do not want to post before they come true, good luck at the tables.
Wed Apr 16, 2014, 02:53 PM
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Since: Apr 2013
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Good luck crazYJohnnie

I shall be following.



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