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5NL Zoom | QQ vs LAG's huge re-raise OTF

5NL Zoom 6 max | QQ vs LAG's huge re-raise OTF - Thu Apr 10, 2014, 04:43 AM
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Hi guys I'd appreciate any feedback on this hand.

V1 is presumably a recreational player, not topped up and 53/38 just only over 9 hands.

V6 is a LAG (actually a good one, not one of those LAG wannabies), his stats are as follows:
VPIP: 36 | PFR: 20 | CB: 57 | FCB: 13 | WTSD 14 | W$SD 67
over 76 hands sample.

I was thinking a lot OTF, my time bank almost expired but in the end decided to fold because the only reasonable hand I could think of is AA, KK or AK. I'm not sure if he'd re-raising this much and risking almost his entire stack with tens or jacks. My plan was simple: LAG opens, recreational calls and I squeeze to take the pot down. Well but the LAG called my squeeze which was surprising. I'm okay with the recreational player calling because he just wants to see the flop for whatever price. I bet half the pot still a bit worried about the call from the LAG player and then he re-raised. I decided to fold because he had only 0.97$ left so I'd needed to shove or fold. This fold was just a prevention from myself hiting the wall and screaming "F**K! I KNEW HE HAD IT!" Your thoughts about the fold?

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Thu Apr 10, 2014, 05:00 AM
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Why do you think he is a LAG?

Low CB, low fold to CB and quite large difference between VPIP and PRF would hint he is more a passive player.

There is only 89 draw that lag might do a mistake to buy the pot, mistake because AK for you is sooo what all the people would expect there. I think the fold is trivial to his raise, because you would lose even to KT. Because he calls wide, sets are also in his range.

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Thu Apr 10, 2014, 05:07 AM
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Since: Dec 2013
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Well I have a little bit of history with this villain and as you said, he is passive but only pre-flop. His CCR is 32% which is kinda big. He gets really aggressive post-flop so I couldn't figure out what he had. I think with his 32% CCR, pocket sevens and sixes are in his range quite possibly too.

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Thu Apr 10, 2014, 11:45 AM
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First of all, I don't think that he's a good LAG nor a good player. He's not sitting with a full stack (96.4bb). Next, PostF stats don't even matter until you have 300+ samples on someone.

CB: 57 | FCB: 13 | WTSD 14 | W$SD 67

How many samples do you have per occurrence on these stats? 10 or more? I don't even look at these stats unless I have a minimum of 10 samples.

What's his PF Aggression Factor?

OTF: easy fold. you have second pair on a dry board.
Thu Apr 10, 2014, 03:08 PM
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In addition to the points the other guys have made about V6's playing ability, his sizing with the turn raise seems pretty fishy, he should have either shoved or raised smaller, to leave more behind to either make us think he might fold or to set up a more meaningful turn play.

Anyway regardless, I just don't think we have much choice on this flop other than to fold against the raise. The flop is pretty dry, the only realistic draw he might have is 98s, so he's got so many more hands in his range that beat us.

If your read that the villain is very aggressive postflop is correct, I'd be much more inclined to call (well, shove) with AK+ as now we beat some stuff like KQ-KT that he might play like this.

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