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Scared of my AA

Scared of my AA - Fri Jun 06, 2014, 01:49 PM
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When I'm deal with AA, I always fear a stupid hand, is it normal. I tend to over play them, to protect the AA (Often get fold, or re-raise)

Now, i'm in a lucky day, so the AA were good. I don't care the result of the hand, and i'll show you two of my hand with AA, would you play them this way?!


First hand 12:20
I don't have many information on my opponents. So i'll explain you my move.
So i'm facing min raise + 1 limper. So in my mind, i don't want to see a flop with pocket, and someone hit a bad set here. So I 3bet 0.12. (Maybe to high? What should I do here, it was a random move, because I don't know how to play those situation. After that, I got re-raise and limp by the MEGA-LIMPER. Don't in my head, it's a all or nothing. So it's a All-In. The two call. I put them on AA-KK-QQ. So I got more chance to win but kind of risky.

Do I played well here?

Second hand 12:24 **Wow, 4 min passed and 2X A-A**
Here I have more information on my opponent. VP=2 PR=0 on 62 hand. So he is very tight and not very aggressive.
So when he made a Standard bet in CO, I bet 0.15$ to gain value AND information on the value of his hand. Pretty big raise, again should I bet less? He come back with very high raise (3x my raise) So here again, it's a all or nothing in my head. Really, I was thinking he had AA or KK, nothing less.

Does I played those hand good? What would be your move on this?
Ps: Also, what are the hand you are giving to the opponent in both situation? This will help me to put some hand on value!

Thanks alot!!

**I'll post the complete hand after a few answer**
Sat Jun 07, 2014, 03:19 PM
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Right. Well, what happened in both of these hands: You got it in pre! Very well done. Both AI moves were spot on, imo.

First hand: You asked way too little (edited)imo. Why? V8 is UTG and supposedly strong, purely because the position he is opening. And, even with fish size like that he is doing that only means two things a) he is a fish and will call anything b) he is tight moron who has KK (or similar) and happy to go AI pre. V4 you say is a mega limper, so why raise small, if you know he will love to call and stack of with any top pair? I think you should bet at least 0.22 and size of 0.28 or 0.34 is hardly ever too much.
V8 range my guess: AK,JJ+ - V4: A9+,KQ,KJ,88+,TJ,QJ,T9 -> +10% random hands

You can't really give villain 8 a range because he only minbetted -> he sucks -> he can have anything really
You can't really give a villain 4 a range because he is a mega limper. You can be quite sure he don't have AA, KK and mostly not QQ.

Well the point being when you ask that little -> they both will call and they don't even make a mistake because of implied odds. You are destined to call at least one bet.

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Sun Jun 08, 2014, 06:21 AM
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in both cases you arn't 3 betting big enough.

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