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New strategy for open skill league

New strategy for open skill league - Fri Sep 19, 2014, 05:47 PM
jon2192's Avatar
Since: Oct 2013
Posts: 11
It's my first month playing the open and below is my advice on tactics from my experience.

1. Always fold AA KK QQ JJ they always lose.
2. Always fold AK-A10ns A4-A2 always wins
3. Always fold A any suited
4. Broadway cards need folding
5. Any 2 suited card need folding
6. Any picture card fold
7. Any two connected cards should be folded
8. Only play cards below 10 and a gap of 5 between them.
9. If you hit on the flop don't bet, you will be beat by runner runner.

Only joking but it doe's get you down a bit when AA-KK is cracked by junk every time and people constantly call you post flop with nothing to hit the only two cards in the pack to give them the winning hand.

Other than some of the crazy players I have been enjoying the open and my real strategy is to tighten up your range, don't bluff(someone normally calls),don't be afraid to fold a big pair there not worth risking your tournament especially in a multi way pot.

Good luck to everyone in the open who takes it seriously and avoid them negative scores(wish I could).
Mon Oct 06, 2014, 11:53 AM
j420B's Avatar
Since: Jun 2014
Posts: 282
Hi, just found this and have to agree with most of the above, I have played this league 3x now grinding away hrs and have still to comprehend why prizes are given to players (like myself now) who either sit out or fold every hand that they are not the BB (not complaining I get my $2.50 every month thank you)the first bubble is @ 2500 (participant dependent)you can easily get to that by sitting out from the off.....yes you can I do it regularly, from there you need to add a single pot win of 3 - 7 hundred chips and you can fold off to around 1700 which is all that's needed to be in credit at the end of the month, now you may be thinking why bother at all if all you do is fold for 2hrs and I admit I ask myself that question every time I register, my reasons are 2 fold:-

1. It has now become an interesting concept to me this fold to win game so I am playing them just to fully test this weird phenomenon and just find out exactly how many chips I can get by with, as stated above it works so far, but hey it may just be this amazing cop out called variance which seems to be the default fall guy for any inexplicable results. So I continue on until I can give a wider results backed analysis.

2. $2.50 pays towards me having my ass kicked in the PSO home games so the loss is much easier to bare

IMPO it is not a tourney for learning unless you want to know how many times AA, KK, QQ, AKs,lose to 72o (OK slight exaggeration but you get my drift)and it definitely uses poetic license in using the word "Skill" in its tittle, certainly not a tourney to try to put into practice the teachings given in the beginners tutorials, as a 2.5x or 3x raise with a recognized utg hand i.e. those above, et al will be crushed early doors by this variance guy, and later by peeps like me who are short stacked but made the top 25% and are mind numbingly bored with the whole tourney so will go all in with 7-2o against any raise by any player

So to finish off I respect all players who really want to go on to become poker gods good luck to you all I truly hope you make it but from a recreational position I doubt playing this league will enhance your game much except in the art of folding AA in the BB.

Have fun peeps see you at the tables i'll be the short stack folder in seat 5
Fri Oct 10, 2014, 03:44 PM
Duskra's Avatar
Since: Oct 2014
Posts: 17
I wish I had have found this strategy earlier !! Been playing a week and getting frustrated at the "variance" of other players. I have been playing as the school recommends and getting decent position, averaging top 500 ish, as long as I lay down every single playable hand until we get to the first break or first hand to hand.Then people seem to tighten up and reads are easier, plays more sensible except the slow ones.

I have been kicked out playing KK, AKs and JJ to finish 4000ish, 7000ish and 9000ish Two by straights on the flop and a K on the river, all from unconnected suits. So frustrating !!

Any advice on dealing with the frustration of losing with hands like that ? Otherwise I might have to buy a new monitor as the old one flies out the window !!
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Sat Oct 11, 2014, 12:34 PM
sleepyolman's Avatar
Since: Aug 2010
Posts: 389
Hi jon2192, j420B, Duskra, ALL

HERE you can see what can be done in a week by a guy who has his eyes on the 'Prize'

Wed Oct 15, 2014, 02:42 PM
Bones31271's Avatar
Since: Apr 2011
Posts: 280
TY Sleepy its def an uphill battle lol but can be done

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